ServiceNow ITSM: Gain Insight and Visibility into Operations and Performance

IT services that do not map directly to business services are at risk of missing critical issues and generating highly inefficient business solutions. ServiceNow IT service management solution (ITSM) is there to feed back precise information that describes infrastructure components, services, and their relationships within your organization. ITSM solutions ensure your IT has a direct relationship to your business services. An intelligent service visibility strategy enables you to create a continuously updated window into your business-critical services.

ServiceNow IT Service Management platform includes automated infrastructure discovery tools, which help to ensure that the view and status of your business services always remain up to date. As specialists in IT service management, Trianz has managed to deliver a unified ServiceNow ITSM platform for over 75,000 end-users. For organizations, this has enabled a focus shift from working to control the existing environment to leading business initiatives that drive the organization forward.

Business Critical Services

When critical services fall offline for any reason, you should be the one to receive alerts and reports the second they fail. High-quality information should describe the issue, highlighting the status of components and services that depend on the offline systems. These are key foundations of ServiceNow ITSM processes. Good visibility means knowing the status of every IT component and the business services they are mapped to at every moment of the day.

Improving business visibility using ServiceNow ITSM solutions allows business leaders to refocus on priority projects with informed stakeholder input at every step of the way.

Business insights and increased visibility can assist in resolving:

  • Tracking software ownership and use within an organization
  • Re-allocating unused software licenses
  • Upcoming business renewals
  • Incident remediation time
  • Direct visibility of the current top 10 business services and their impact within the organization

Forecast for the Future

Creating a single point of reference across all business services and components allows for more intelligent decision-making at every level. ITSM solutions provide project and resource dashboards that empower data-driven decisions, resulting in better use of the resources available. Customized notifications of critical services create a personalized picture of the organization, keeping you consistently and accurately informed.

Better service management strategy decisions have created 45% improvements in resource forecasts within the first six months of operation. Organizations migrating to ServiceNow have seen savings of over $1 million per year and improvements to operational compliance and security.

The performance increase from using ServiceNow integrations can be a huge boost, particularly measured against legacy systems. Simply making use of ServiceNow ITOM implementation has enabled many firms to do far more than traditionally possible, without spending extra on resources or recruitment.

ServiceNow Implementation Services

Achieving complete service visibility is the first step in unlocking the most from ITOM capabilities through ServiceNow. Better business outcomes are supported through higher degrees of availability and agility. These factors come simply as a by-product of having more visibility and control over your organization.

Trianz, a ServiceNow specialized partner and reseller, has provided advisory services to numerous Fortune 1000 clients who value efficient service management strategy and a clear technology roadmap. Eliminating information silos within organizations has been a key step on the road to growth and success in every firm.

Information dashboards and timely reports generate instant value by mapping IT components and resources to critical business services. Project tracking, using integrated timesheet functionality, asset discovery, and project management, enable a real-time view of where the business is at and where it needs to be to stay on track.

All elements of ServiceNow ITSM solutions work together using a single consolidated source of reference to improve service integrations across the organization. These improvements have universally led to reduced staffing costs, improved service delivery, and better control over the ITSM environment.

With vast experience in ServiceNow upgrades and integrations, Trianz is the approved partner who can empower your organization to go further and do more with the insights and visibility ServiceNow ITSM solutions provide your firm.

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