Streamline IT and Business with ServiceNow Centralized Service Portal

Business applications are only as useful as the systems and processes they exist in. When fragmented services and broken applications hamper an organization, productivity and morale suffer as a result. Services that are hard to access, unreliable, or integrate poorly often fall out of use altogether. Almost every organization can benefit from a unified service platform. ServiceNow service portal has the potential to deliver and support applications across the organization from a single consolidated platform.

Over half of firms report that their existing IT service management solution is too complex and too expensive for the needs of their business. Related issues often arise as a result. Inconsistent data across applications, large legacy maintenance bills, and overly complicated infrastructure management are very often the end result of bad ITSM solutions.

Better IT Service Management Solutions

Firms that recognize themselves in the description of these IT issues are those who could benefit most from a single consolidated portal. ServiceNow ITOM implementation can benefit an enormous number of firms worldwide. Advising many Fortune 1000 clients, Trianz has helped to define Service Management Strategy and create a technology roadmap for consolidating an organization’s services to one single platform.

Firms making the change to implement ITSM processes have reported greater business agility, improved innovations, and increased operational compliance and security as a result. Internally, employee satisfaction is boosted as the service experience improves and staff feel well supported and empowered within the organization. The effects of improved morale and productivity on attracting hard-to-hire talent in a competitive industry has been remarkable for many firms.

ServiceNow IT service management platform implements a self-service portal that helps users to find precisely what they are looking for. The portal includes incident and change management modules that integrate with automated and manual systems to deliver quick and efficient resolutions to common IT problems.

ServiceNow ITSM solutions

The ServiceNow platform includes a wealth of features that supports staff and employee activities such as:

  • Announcements
  • Virtual chat
  • Global Search
  • Community
  • User surveys

An in-depth knowledge base allows users to seek out their own solutions, deflecting IT inquires by creating self-service resolutions to the most common requests the department faces. Automated and self-service ITSM solutions save time and money by making more efficient use of both user and technician time. By only escalating complex and unsolvable queries to higher service levels, experienced and highly trained personnel become more focused on resolving issues that require in-depth expertise to solve.

IT issues that do require additional technical expertise and support are directed towards integrated solutions. Users can track the progress of their ticket, messaging IT personnel, or lookup additional information from inside the application.

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User satisfaction surveys show that it is a solution that works to the benefit of everyone. Simplifying application architecture and reducing legacy application bundles to a single-point service solution creates a stronger and more efficient working environment for both users and IT departments.

ServiceNow Offerings Vs Legacy Systems

Legacy solutions eat up vast amounts of time and resources. Requiring specialized knowledge, maintenance, and workarounds which take time and lead to information silos within departments. Maintaining an old system over upgrading with a ServiceNow partner can be financially and practically damaging. ServiceNow service platform allows IT and business requests to be managed from a single, easy to use, and centralized location.

Self-service solutions, asset and ticket management, chat queue, and survey features create an integrated IT experience that enables your organization to do far more with reduced staff overhead and management. Users do not have to learn multiple systems for access to multiple resources, while IT only needs to update and maintain a single platform to make a wide variety of tools available to users.

A centralized service portal is one of the most effective and efficient changes you can make to boost user experience. As a ServiceNow specialized partner and reseller, Trianz is well placed to streamline the service needs of your organization.

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