Why Migrating to ServiceNow May Be Right for You

Growth in ServiceNow’s market share of the IT service management sector has root in the breadth and quality of the solutions it offers to discriminating clients across industries. If you are considering migrating from a legacy platform—owing either to cancelled support for your existing tools or a lack of innovative functionality—Trianz can show you the advantages of transitioning to ServiceNow and help you maximize the benefit you gain from its superior suite of products.

The hurdle of moving an entire company from one major software system to another can seem overwhelming, especially without proper support from an appropriate partner. However, Trianz has previously partnered with BMC and IBM, helping clients successfully transfer to ServiceNow even despite resistance to change. We can do the same for you.

Unfortunately, the reality in the current ITSM space is that many previously strong players (including CA Technologies and HP, for instance) have abandoned their solutions altogether. Furthermore, other serious contenders like BMC have failed to consistently deliver innovative updates, even with the advantage of outside investment. These trends have left businesses with few options. Without the possibility of future ITSM collaboration with prior providers, and without adequate information on viable alternatives, many organizations now find themselves at serious risk of disappointing both their IT departments and the users who depend on them by continuing to use defunct tools or switching to an inferior platform.

Trianz takes a unique approach to helping clients migrate to new platforms by focusing not only on technical capabilities, but also on the business outcomes of the migration. Both large and small companies are sensitive to the bottom line, and we recommend ServiceNow because of the impact we have seen it have on productivity and innovation in many different scenarios. The fact is that with adaptive integrations, cloud management and a wide range of ITSM modules, ServiceNow can respond to virtually any need you may have, including some you may not yet have considered.

ServiceNow has many exciting features and offers you the ability to expand beyond the basic functionality to a whole new set of dashboards and workflows. Its reputation is sterling for a reason. However, we always check for compatibility with all our customers, and we will do our utmost to find you the optimal combination of power and value within the ServiceNow line of products for your specific needs.

Visit Trianz.com today to learn more about our experts and how we can help you achieve a seamless migration to ServiceNow with zero downtime or disruption.

For additional reading, be sure to check out our blog article on Delivering ServiceNow as a Service.

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