Infrastructure Management Firm to Deploy

Consulting an Infrastructure Management Firm to Deploy a Comprehensive Endpoint Management Platform

The manual maintenance of individual hardware devices in the enterprise is incredibly tricky nowadays, due to high staff numbers and concurrent high usage of laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

24 Jun 2019

Public Cloud for IT Infrastructure Thumb

The Increasing Viability of Public Cloud for IT Infrastructure

The Data Center has always been an integral part of enterprise IT infrastructure. In the past, the majority of companies would have their in-house servers that would run everything from databases to storage locations on their network.

21 Jun 2019


Artificial Intelligence Is Set to Change the Face of IT Operations Services

Organic and Artificial Intelligence are both converging at an increasing rate, namely due to considerable strides in computational power improvements, investment into AI research and an expanding pool of data to analyse.

18 Jun 2019

Predictive Analytics Firms Thumbnail

How Predictive Analytics Firms are Forecasting the Future

Whether you’re aware of it or not, predictive analytics—the practice of analyzing past and present data to predict an outcome—is everywhere. Using technology like neural networking, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, predictive analytics firms are forecasting the future in everything from banking and finance to healthcare and child services.

17 Jun 2019

Business Intelligence Consulting Services Thumbnail

A Guide to Navigating Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Companies around the world rely on business intelligence (BI) to operate efficiently and profitably. However, many people don’t understand BI or why it’s critical to success.

14 Jun 2019

How Tableau Helps You to See and Understand Data Thumbnail

How Tableau Helps You to See and Understand Data

Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics platform that was built to transform raw datasets into easily understandable visualizations.

13 Jun 2019

Transform Data with Tableau Thumb

Transform Data with Tableau

For those of you in the dark, Tableau is a top CRM and analytics platform that was recently acquired by Salesforce. Along with data and business analytics, Tableau delves into data visualization: presenting data in a way that is understandable even to the non-analyst.

11 Jun 2019

Big Data Analytics Thumb

Big Data Analytics – How Beneficial is it for your Industry?

The number of people using the internet has increased dramatically over the past few decades, rising from a mere 350 million users to over 4 billion in 2019. This rise in usage means that there are 12x more people now using the internet in 2019 compared to 2000, resulting in a massive increase in the amounts of data being processed daily.

08 Jun 2019

Business Intelligence Thumb

How Data Analytics in Looker can Benefit Your Business

The amounts of data available to us are growing at an exponential rate, due to the prevalence of the internet in modern life. Businesses have an increasing need to categorize the data that they process and format it in ways that are accessible to both staff and customers alike.

08 Jun 2019

Migrate to Snowflake

SQL Server 2008 EOL - Migrate to Snowflake

In Part I, we examined the on-premise and cloud upgrade options available for SQL Server 2008 as it reaches EOL. For scenarios where memory management challenges or database operations have proved difficult, Snowflake is also a strong option, which is increasingly the default choice for many data warehouse and data lake offerings.

07 Jun 2019