Migrate Your SQL Server to Azure

Why Now is the Right Time to Migrate Your SQL Server to Azure

The Structured Query Language (or SQL) is one of the most popular languages in the database management industry. It is primarily used in relational database management systems (or RDBMS) and relational data stream management systems (or RDSMS).

22 Oct 2019

Interactive Data Visualization

Bring Your Data to Life with Interactive Data Visualization

We live in a data-driven world. From website performance to consumer behavior, data measures and tracks changes, highlights successes and failures, and ultimately drives decision making.

21 Oct 2019

Cloud with Managed Cloud Solutions

Getting Your Business to the Cloud with Managed Cloud Solutions

Of all the latest technology advancements to impact business and raise up potential in recent years, cloud computing has risen to become one of the most impactful and promising.

18 Oct 2019

Managed IT Services Complement

How Can Managed IT Services Complement Your Organization

Employing managed IT Services is a commonly used support strategy designed to bring expert knowledge, practical resources, and decades of experience into your organization at a reduced cost and timeframe.

17 Oct 2019

Migrating to Effective Master Data Management

Migrating to Effective Master Data Management

A topic typically under-represented in modern business, Master Data Management is quite often the single most critical system which can positively affect day-to-day operations.

16 Oct 2019

Data Governance

Getting to Know Data Governance in the Era of Digital Disruption

Data governance. To many business leaders, the concept is a bit fuzzy. Is data governance the same as data management? What exactly does it entail?

16 Oct 2019

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics and the “80/20 Rule”

Nearly everyone in business is familiar with the Pareto principle—sometimes called the “80/20 rule”—which describes an oft-observed phenomenon in which only 20% of the inputs of a process or program generates 80% of the outputs.

11 Oct 2019

Know your data

Know Your Data Before Setting it to use

Businesses across a range of industries choose to collect data on their customers as a way to provide them better and more useful services.

10 Oct 2019

Analytics on the Edge

Analytics on the Edge

Big data is renowned for its ability to transform, refocus, and even create new business where none existed before. Its advantages and potential are widely recognized across multiple industries. The drawbacks and disadvantages of big data in modern business are typically well understood too.

10 Oct 2019

What are Microservices

Why Software Companies Should Consider Using Microservices

When it comes to solving software problems (or any kind of problem, for that matter), the hardest challenge can often be our perception of the size or complexity of the solution we need to implement.

01 Oct 2019