A Case for the Future of Serverless Computing

A Case for the Future of Serverless Computing

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), or serverless computing, continues to increase in demand as large organizations seek to establish their data infrastructure beyond the limits of traditional hardware.

27 Mar 2017

amplify your agile cloud development

Amplify Your Agile Cloud Development

The popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand at a quickened pace. As such, businesses and their customers are enjoying a near constant connectivity and exchange of information. Now, more than ever, companies are feeling the pressure to respond to consumer demands at the drop of a hat and very quickly bring new products to the marketplace.

24 Mar 2017

hybrid cloud data journey

The Hybrid Cloud Data Journey

We tend to think about the hybrid cloud as a set of public and private cloud services for managing workloads. Indeed, many of the workloads is the data that is the heart of how applications operate in the cloud.

14 Mar 2017

the hybrid cloud imperative getting to computing

The Hybrid Cloud Imperative: Getting to Computing

We are in the midst of rapidly changes in the way consumers want to interact with their suppliers. This change is causing a disruption in business models and technology innovation.

12 Mar 2017

Enterprises' Cloud Strategies for Business Transformation

Enterprises' Cloud Strategies for Business Transformation

The latest market trends indicate that enterprises will invest the most on digital transformation technologies that support operating model innovations. These investments will help enterprises focus on making business operations more responsive and effective by leveraging digitally-connected products/services, assets, people, and trading partners.

07 Mar 2017