Business Intelligence Thumb

How Data Analytics in Looker can Benefit Your Business

The amounts of data available to us are growing at an exponential rate, due to the prevalence of the internet in modern life. Businesses have an increasing need to categorize the data that they process and format it in ways that are accessible to both staff and customers alike.

08 Jun 2019

Migrate to Snowflake

SQL Server 2008 EOL - Migrate to Snowflake

In Part I, we examined the on-premise and cloud upgrade options available for SQL Server 2008 as it reaches EOL. For scenarios where memory management challenges or database operations have proved difficult, Snowflake is also a strong option, which is increasingly the default choice for many data warehouse and data lake offerings.

07 Jun 2019

AWS PaaS Services

Leveraging AWS PaaS Resources for Smoother Product Development

Managing software deployments and updates from the ground up can be a daunting task—especially when it also entails managing the underlying infrastructure.

06 Jun 2019

Descriptive Analytics

How to Improve Customer Engagement through Descriptive and Predictive Analytics

A voracious appetite for data is quickly becoming one of the defining traits of modern corporations. Companies of all sizes are racing to find ways to harvest relevant data, hire data scientists and implement business intelligence tools that will help them understand their clients and markets.

06 Jun 2019

Technology and Infrastructure

Is Your Business Ready for the Cloud? The 3 Dimensions of Cloud Assessment

In the Information Age, businesses are quickly learning that simply having their information and workflow locally isn’t cutting it. The entire lifeblood of your business rests in the files, data, and information you work with daily, so you must make sure everything is safe and efficient.

06 Jun 2019

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Scale Without Effort to Meet Demand and Maintain Service

The single largest enabler of modern business growth and innovation is the abundance of available cloud infrastructure.

04 Jun 2019

Cloud-Managed Security Services

Three Major Considerations for Cloud-Managed Security Services

The cloud-enabled age of “SaaS” has fundamentally changed the software landscape and given rise to some of the world’s highest-growth brands.

03 Jun 2019

Modern Data Warehouse and AWS Thumb

The Modern Data Warehouse and AWS

A data warehouse is a central repository where a business or organization keeps all of their digital information. Whether numerous or few, these servers host anything that could be relevant to a business such as financial data, customer data, metrics, analytics, reporting, accounting, and more.

03 Jun 2019

Data Warehousing

Should I Use a Data Lake or Data Warehouse for My Business?

Data warehouses and data lakes both store massive amounts of data. However, there are several key differences. Understanding what they are, as well as the pros and cons of each, will help you make the right decision for your business.

31 May 2019

AWS Serverless Architecture

Providing Business Continuity with Aws Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are crucial to the health and ongoing success of your organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, 93% of businesses without a disaster recovery plan who experience a data disaster are out of business within one year.

29 May 2019