Reduce your DBA's Workload with Snowflake

Today’s DBA typically manages ten, hundreds or even thousands of databases -- RDBMS, NoSQL DBMS, and/or Hadoop clusters -- often from multiple vendors, both on-premises and in the cloud.

10 May 2019


Aws Serverless Technology: The Foundation for Agile Software Development

Since March 2006, Amazon Web Services has greatly reduced—or even 100% eliminated—the need for physical servers and other hardware to be physically present on the sites of small businesses and major corporations alike.

10 May 2019

DevOps on AWS with Cloud-Native Services

DevOps on AWS with Cloud-Native Services

DevOps, a contraction of development and operations, is one of those grand, nebulous terms that seems to defy simple definition. It is therefore worth taking a moment to look at what exactly DevOps is as well as what it is not.

30 Apr 2019

AWS and a Secure IoT Consulting

AWS and a Secure IoT

Your AWS account allows another exciting feature you may be already familiar with in your daily life: utilizing the internet of things and its interaction with the cloud. IoT with AWS can support billions of devices and trillions of messages which are securely routed between any given AWS endpoint.

20 Apr 2019

Best Practices with AWS Machine Learning

Trianz: Best Practices with AWS Machine Learning

Amazon SageMaker is perhaps the most important tool for managing machine learning projects on AWS. This application enables developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy robust machine learning projects with 10 times better-performing algorithms, 70% less cost, easy management, and one-click deployment.

18 Mar 2019

AWS with Blue-Green Deployment

Trianz Brings You AWS with Blue-Green Deployment

Blue-green deployment is a methodology of rolling out new services with less risk, greater efficiency, and less downtime. Blue and green denotes two different software production environments you have hosted using Amazon Web Services. Blue is your main production environment currently in use as a core function of your business.

09 Feb 2019

AWS Security

Best Practices: The 5 Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

Every IT professional who works with AWS should familiarize themselves with the 5 pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. They are: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.

10 Jan 2019

Predictive Analytics

Why Associations are Turning to Predictive Data Analytics

According to Forbes, the world produces more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. Hidden among this vast information pile is story-driven data that can help associations get better at what they do

31 Aug 2018

Master Database

The Key to Building a Successful Association Membership Master Database

The secret to success for any association, or group of people who have come together for a common purpose is understanding the drives and motivations of the people involved.

31 Aug 2018


Associations that Neglect GDPR Compliance Risk Playing with Fire

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was officially implemented in May 2018, many organizations and associations were not fully prepared for the fundamental changes in the management of personal consumer information it heralded.

31 Aug 2018