For over 15 years, Trianz culture has largely been shaped by our client value proposition. Through these years, we’ve been passionate about their success; listened to them closely in fast changing times and have reinvented ourselves. Here are interesting dimensions of our culture:

  • Client Centricity & Vision: Being client driven, we’ve engaged with them on a non-transactional and long-term relationship basis. Our vision around Digital Transformation was developed through a series of client conversations. This clarity of vision, an obsession for client success and our unique consulting & IT hybrid our has led to years of non-stop growth.
  • Values: We believe in uncompromising Integrity at all times; Long-Term Relationships; a Global Professional Standard; Innovation in our Services and Giving back to our communities.
  • Passion for our Work: We know we are in the right place and the right time but that’s not enough. Digital transformations require a different level of creative thinking, teamwork, We are passionate to an extreme about our work and aspire to provide the highest value to our clients.
  • Investing in our Talent: We believe in this era of constant change- skills and experiences can get obsolete very quickly. We believe the best way for our talent to feel secure, excel and grow is through continuous learning. We are therefore continuously investing in professional development for all our associates.
  • A Fun, Relaxed and non-Bureaucratic Environment: There’s enough heavy lifting for all of us already! We strive to keep things light and easy. Organizational hierarchies do not come in the way of interactions amongst our colleagues. Let’s have fun working together!