We are helping our clients transform their businesses, competitive and operational strategies, product and service portfolios, customer-partner-employee interactions, and their ecosystem as a whole. The cost of misses is not only financial; it is a lost window of opportunity. Leading with team expertise in all things digital and getting things right the very first time are absolutely critical.

The fabric of our teams

As a global organization, we have new talent with different professional and educational backgrounds joining us every day from different parts of the world. Everyone at Trianz, however, shares common traits when it comes to having:

  • Experience and skills in Cloud, Analytics, Digital and Security
  • A passion for solving problems ranging from strategy to execution
  • A client-centric mindset and a relentless commitment to helping them succeed
  • Hunger and eagerness to learn and adapt- as change is now the real constant
  • A commitment to our firm’s values, teamwork and having fun at work

Our industries, clients and practices

Trianz works with clients across the High Tech, Banking, Insurance, Investments, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecom, e-Businesses and Public Services areas. Most clients are large global organizations, and our relationships are sponsored by senior leaders in Sales, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Enterprise Analytics and Information Technology. We partner with our clients in operational strategy development and execution to address the following key service areas:

  • Cloud Enterprise Applications
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Service Management
  • Digitalization of Business Models, Products, Services, and Operations
  • Analytics and Information Management
  • Information Security
  • Special Initiatives