Over the past five years, Trianz has steered away from legacy IT services to an exclusive digital evolution and transformation portfolio, focusing our entire new business efforts in this area. We have grown by about 25% every year -- and see a continuous growth curve. We seek top talent across all our practices and career tracks in the years to come. Here is what you can expect:

Career development - All things digital and leadership
Sixteen years of history, 12 offices worldwide and rapid growth with a total commitment to the space of digital evolution facilitation and digital transformation orchestration. There is a growth opportunity in all of this for you. We are seeking the best talent, investing in them, and helping them grow. College graduates start as individual contributors in the Consulting or Engineering or Corporate tracks, grow into managers, and eventually become leaders in respective practices and delivery or in other organizations. The central theme in all of this is our commitment to creating leaders who will thrive at Trianz and elsewhere.

Learning @ Trianz University
We are investing in a world-class university to train our talent in various elements of digital evolution and transformation; the lifecycle of initiatives; our client service models and leadership. Learning is not an option but a continuous process for all levels and roles at Trianz. The idea here is to help progress careers based on past performance as well as the associate’s ability to learn and utilize new skills and techniques essential in a fast-changing space.

Team-based experiences
We are a diverse organization -- from the perspectives of our education, professional backgrounds, and places around the world that we call home. Our engagements are growing in richness, size, complexity and experiences. Within a client setting, our associates often find themselves meeting and working with colleagues from different parts of the world and the diverse Trianz family.

Business and technology skill development
Businesses are changing at lightning speed and technology is ubiquitous. Regardless of your career track, learning about both aspects is essential for your growth and development. Engagements at Trianz will help you acquire these critical skills. Associating with us helps you create a network among peers and our leadership teams, and also provides access to other learning resources you will need to grow as a leader.

Trianz’ compensation philosophy derives from our services. Our intent is to provide unparalleled client services through superior, committed talent. Our goal is to reward talent competitively, invest heavily in their professional development, and grow them into leaders. Our compensation and benefits programs are highly competitive and attractive over the long term.

Rewards and Recognition
Trianz has instituted special programs that recognize and reward individuals and teams for execution excellence. Our leadership, which goes above and beyond the call of client service, is an exemplary demonstration of our values. Throughout the year, recipients of these awards receive opportunities to learn, grow and advance in their careers.

Medical and other benefits

  • Employee group medical coverage
  • Group accident coverage
  • Parental group medical coverage
  • Vision benefits
  • Discounts and exclusive offers for Trianz’ employees for dining, travel, health, apparels, gifts, services, real estate and much more!
  • Medlife: Discounts on purchase of prescribed medicines
  • Time off: Company paid days off