Coming from a background in full life-cycle data warehouse management, Bill understands the value that accurate and timely information can have on a company’s performance. Throughout his career, Bill has expanded his strong aptitude for data-centric technology into data governance, enterprise architecture, and IT strategy. Bill is currently responsible for delivering solutions and managing teams focused on Master Data Management, Big Data Analytics, CRM integration, and Managed Services.

Bill is well-versed in a number of cloud services across the insurance, higher education, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and not-for-profit industries. From Bill’s experience, he has learned that most people and organizations do not necessarily fear technological change; rather, they fear technological change that results in negative consequences. To that end, he is committed to implementing strategies and systems that produce positive results.

Bill’s impressive career includes having designed, deployed, and managed one of the largest data warehouses in the U.S. higher education community.

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