Heath has the capability to make IT leaders more successful by leveraging technology and services to link their strengths to positive business outcomes, creating better visibility and value for them and their teams. Known for motivating people to do their best, Heath’s role involves managing business and IT consulting teams to create business-driven solutions that move beyond simple implementation and create scalable opportunities for growth.

Heath directs Trianz’s IT Service Management (ITSM) practice in leading client engagements geared toward gaining the most from their existing capabilities and partnerships with ServiceNow, IBM, BMC and other platforms.  On the Cloud consulting side, Heath understands that minimal disruption to business operations is key for many enterprises, and he has worked extensively to develop a rapid-fire consulting approach to accelerate cloud adoption. His teams have built a methodology to get customers on the Cloud in 60 Days, working with AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft clouds. His highly skilled unit also focuses on integrating your legacy applications (two-speed or bi-modal IT) to driving integration to social, mobile and other rapidly changing environments to drive down cost, accelerate delivery and create new routes to market.

Heath provides leadership across diverse teams and builds buy-in and understanding so that all involved feel they are a part of the same mission. and will be successful. motivates people to do their best. Heath has focused a lot of recent effort on IT Operations Management (ITOM) as well as IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) to create new insights and build greater capabilities above existing toolsets.

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