Hooman Sakkaki is a seasoned professional who helps provide Trianz’s clients with the strategic roadmap behind their digital transformation goals.  With more than 15 years of business, operations, technical, and sales experience Hooman has achieved a consistent track record of directing & managing projects that delve into operations strategy, strategic roadmaps, and execution of new business processes and IT programs across client enterprises. 

Hooman’s work product demonstrates that a sound digitalization strategy is a result of teamwork, thoughtful planning, and an ability to walk in a client’s shoes.  Trianz’s leadership team members who have worked alongside Hooman praise his end-to-end enterprise project delivery approach and execution experience.  

Hooman can mobilize, lead and manage several consecutive engagements, and execute at project levels as well, understanding maintaining business continuity is crucial to client success. Hooman and his teams work to minimize disruptions and unexpected events during the execution phase, with the goal of getting enterprises up to digital speed and earning crucial ROI.  Hooman’s industry experience includes work in high tech, semiconductor, IT, insurance, manufacturing, and the oil & gas industry.  
Hooman is also involved in Trianz’s Digital/Robotic Process Automation work from a Roadmapping, Technology Selection and Deployment perspective.  

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