Ira is a seasoned leader with 10+ years of management and 20+ years of sales experience with in-depth knowledge in team building and effective sales execution. As Vice President of New Client Relationships and Alliances, he combines a get-it-done leadership style with an engaging, positive demeanor that promotes collaborative work among his staff toward guiding clients on the most appropriate solutions for their business.  
Having helped Trianz develop its current Azure services portfolio, Ira believes Trianz’ successful track record in Azure and other managed service modules relies on Trianz’ resolute adherence to due diligence in evaluating customers’ existing processes, applications, and data analytics, among other operational activities. Ira makes it a point to instill this approach in his teams, which goes a long way toward minimizing surprises and avoiding expensive reengineering, while providing an end-to-end solution that lives up to expectations and offers continuous long-term gains.  
Ira holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh and is pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration from Monmouth University. 

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