Jennifer is among Trianz’ most dynamic leaders driving its digital transformation engagements that emphasize helping enterprises improve Business Intelligence programs on the Process Improvement and Change Management side of the equation. As Senior Consultant since 2016, Jennifer brings proven project management expertise that consistently helps businesses move from cumbersome legacy processes toward more efficient business functionality on digital platforms.

Jennifer is gifted in fostering enterprise-wide, cross-functional communication and collaborative teamwork toward common goals, all while leveraging digital expansion opportunities. One of Jennifer’s key aims is to help business enterprises effectively create stakeholder buy-in for change while guiding these initiatives toward scalable digital solutions to improve decision support across IT, Operations, and Sales and Marketing units, among others.

Jennifer says her unique educational focus and successful career path owes much to her B.S. in Research and Analysis/Sociology and Biology at the University of WI, Madison. Her critical training and coursework incorporates best-practice rules and logic behind analytic research methodology on a broad range of topics, helps inform Trianz’ diverse industry clientele. Jennifer also possesses a Certificate in Project Management from Northwestern University, which has been instrumental in her growth into an exceptional leader at Trianz.

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