John is an accomplished Business and IT Consultant with 17+ years of client management and delivery experience for Fortune 500 clients.  As important as this experience is though, is John’s graceful ability to handle tough clients and even tougher client issues and make it appear natural.  

As Director of Trianz’s Business and IT practice, John is the go-to person who handles the nuts-and-bolts of project engagements, maintaining accountability for overall client program/project success. Trianz’s delivery teams depend on his steady hand at the helm across a range of high-tech clients in the Silicon Valley area. His successful track record is exceptional in building loyal, top-performing delivery teams with high client satisfaction ratings for various Business and IT solution implementations. 

Among his many gifts is John’s ability to work with all levels of an organization to deliver quantifiable results with a collaborative and hands-on work style. John is able get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages.  John’s additional responsibilities include Business Development and Revenue attainment, as well as Client Relationship Management.  John is known for bringing his absolute dedication to any endeavor he undertakes, and he is very excited to be working on Trianz’s newest developments in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) concepts.  If John is involved, it will be a success.

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