It’s not surprising that Rollen has built a well-deserved reputation in leading organizations in the development of new technologies using the integration of data, machine learning, and enhanced user experience while guiding cultural change through DevOps principles and practices. A driven person who also enjoys a challenge, Rollen has always believed in the power of continuous learning and developing skills to achieve growth. Throughout his career, he has taken advantage of many opportunities to grow and gain technical proficiency in new technologies that would create immediate impacts on the clients he serves.

Rollen provides a consistent, steady hand at the helm when guiding substantial, cross-functional IT development and consulting teams in the planning, redesign, and introduction of leading-edge digital and business solutions. Rollen says he has a particular talent for launching major software upgrades and driving critical process changes, resulting in technical optimization that has significant impact on overall performance within client organizations.

At Trianz, his expertise will encompass all aspects of integrated cloud platforms and next generation applications focused on the enhancement of business practices. To best achieve these aims, Rollen’s technical skill set has grown to include Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems integrated with the Internet of Things, DevOps culture implementation and tooling, Big Data and Analytics, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms.

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