Vince’s career trajectory can be described as two parallel paths—one path illustrating his work as an IT strategist adept at developing efficient processes for technology and business intelligence, and the other showing his management and leadership skills in business services consulting. He is a recognized authority in the development and implementation of Information Management solutions to meet business challenges. He has a proven record of relationship- and team-building, operations management/execution, and staff development/management experience.

Vince underscores his work with a deep understanding of how a highly organized business model should work, and what sources can serve as catalysts to create competitive advantage and eliminate inefficiencies. To that end, Vince’s core competencies include but are not limited to the following: Big Data; Information Management; Enterprise Architecture & Integration; Strategic Planning & Analysis; Complex Systems Integration; and Enterprise Content Management.

While Vince applies decisive leadership to meet challenging P&L targets and cultivate strategic relationships, he is also just as focused on motivating people and developing the Trianz consulting practice in the eastern region to best serve its clients. A frequent guest speaker in the field of Big Data and Business Intelligence, Vince also has a need for speed—he was a part of the Guinness Book of Records for “Fastest Data Loader (Big Data).”

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