TableauThe world of computing is experiencing an incredible change with the introduction of deep learning and AI. Deep learning relies on GPU acceleration, both for training and inference, and NVIDIA delivers it everywhere you need it—to data centers, desktops, laptops, the cloud, and the world’s fastest supercomputers.

Maximize Performance. Minimize Costs.

GPU-accelerated data centers deliver breakthrough performance with fewer servers and less power, resulting in faster insights with dramatically lower costs. Train the most complex deep learning models to solve your biggest challenges with NVIDIA deep learning solutions powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. Ideal for production-scale training and inference, its world-leading performance accelerates the most popular deep learning frameworks and over 550 high performance computing (HPC) applications.

DGX Systems

Trianz uses the NVIDIA® DGX-1™ as its essential tool of AI research and development. The DGX-1 packs the deep learning power of over 800 CPUs, delivering one petaFLOPS of AI performance in a single node. DGX-1 is built on eight NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs, configured in a hybrid cube-mesh NVIDIA NVLink™ topology, and architected for proven multi-GPU and multi-node scale. It also uses the same NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) Deep Learning Software Stack that powers all DGX Systems, enabling effortless workflow from desk to data center. Trust your AI workload to DGX-1 when you need a production-scale solution, backed by Trianz’s Advanced Analytics and Deep Learning expertise.