Teradata Analytics

What is TeradataTeradata is a leading analytics solutions provider that combines high-performance, scalable, analytics ecosystems, business applications and data warehousing to provide unprecedented value from data. Trianz partners with Teradata to bring the best of analytics solutions and industry experience to customize on-premises and hybrid cloud deployments and meet current and future business needs. We leverage Teradata to help clients integrate and unleash the potential of their data, gain a 360° view of their business, and make insight-driven decisions to improve operational efficiencies, minimize risks, achieve desired business outcomes, as well as identify new revenue opportunities.

  • Data management tools
  • Data mining
  • Backup, archive and recovery (BAR) system
  • Database migration
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • IoT and big data
  • Migrated from silo Reporting Platform to Enterprise Reporting Platform | Reduced support, training and maintenance for one of the largest insurance companies in the US
  • Legacy Modernization for a US-based Fortune 100 insurance company, enabling migration of legacy COBOL Code to Informatica and populated in Teradata