Santa Clara, California / Bangalore, India / Dubai, UAE, Dec 22, 2016 - As a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and support to social empowerment, Trianz is pleased to partner with the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), for its innovation initiative to prototyping a smart village in India.

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at UC Berkeley is establishing its first Smart Village prototype in India under the leadership of Professor Solomon Darwin. The village is located in the East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. In this endeavour, Trianz joined hands with UC Berkeley as a sponsor and is supporting its innovation initiative. This effort is inviting large organizations, innovators and entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley and India.

Commenting on the association, Sri Manchala, President & CEO of Trianz, said, "Partnering with UCB's innovation initiative reiterates our commitment towards societal empowerment and building better communities across the social strata." This initiative is part of the UC Berkeley’s, 'The Smart Village Open Innovation Accelerator 2016' which - in collaboration with the Center for Open Innovation Accelerator 2016 – is inviting students for disruptive technological innovations in the areas of mobile apps, sensors, embedded technologies, data analytics, low power and low cost that will support building a smart village prototype. The innovation initiative sponsored by Trianz focuses on developing models that produce the triple bottom line of: social, environmental and economic. The intent is also to identify the weakest links and bottlenecks and address them through a technological solution.

About Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation focuses on large-enterprise innovation, paying particular attention to implementation issues and development of new business models to capture the value of innovative products and services. The center houses the Open Innovation Program, Chief Innovation Officer Round Tables, the World Open Innovation Forum and the Berkeley Innovation Forum, a membership organization dedicated to sharing knowledge about innovation challenges. Professor Darwin, the Executive Director of the Center teaches courses in Open Innovation, Business Model Innovation in emerging economies, Smart Cities and Smart Villages. The center publishes research, business cases and use cases to enable practitioners to expand markets.