You’re ready to deploy to the cloud, and the fact that you’re here is a good sign you know exactly what you need to succeed: expert support and guidance.

At Trianz, we have worked with companies starting from scratch, companies in the midst of their digital transformation project, and even companies looking to relaunch their efforts after failed initial attempts. Regardless of the scenario you find yourself in, we know that a sound security strategy is what it will take for you to cross the finish line in one piece.

Why the emphasis on security?

In switching over from the outdated dedicated data center model to the cloud, the truth is rather brutal: change means vulnerability. This is especially true when implementing a do-it-yourself, piecemeal strategy, which tends to open up gaps in your system’s defense structures that were not there before.

And it goes without saying: there is zero sense in upgrading to cloud while simultaneously downgrading your security. In such a scenario, you’d be better off sticking with the old way.

What security approach does Trianz take?

At Trianz, we follow the proven multi-layered approach when it comes to threat management and keeping your cloud data safe. We’ve learned, by working with hundreds of clients of all sizes and across industries, that the success of your cloud deployment depends on carefully coordinated actions that integrate a cloud strategy within your overall cybersecurity posture. 

With that said, our general approach entails:

1. Layered security

  • Deploying private connectivity to a cloud provider’s network
  • Ensuring your mobile endpoints are protected with anti-virus/anti-malware software
  • Enterprise Mobility Management measures
  • Encrypting data when it’s both stored and on the move
  • Monitoring data usage closely via a cloud access security broker
  • Making it as hard as possible for malicious outsiders to compromise your data

2. Data Privacy

  • Balancing data privacy and regulatory considerations
  • Minimizing the amount of personal data collected
  • Customer communication procedures in the event of a data breach
  • Harmonizing legal, business, and technological considerations

3. Cloud Provider Relationship Management

  • Choosing the right providers for you
  • Holding your provider fully accountable
  • Adapting your security protocol to that of your provider

In short, Trianz will work with you to give your organization the best chance to avoid security issues of all varieties. And in the event that an issue does occur, you’ll be prepared thanks to our expert guidance to take the appropriate actions to keep your users secure and happy.

Contact one of our consultants today to dive deeper into our approach to cloud security strategy.