With an exhaustively prepared and well-defined strategy in hand, you’re now ready to begin implementing your Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiative. Thanks to your careful preparation, you’ve clearly identified your needs, objectives, and expected outcomes.

Still, taking an idea from concept to reality is seldom a seamless and easy process. Luckily, Trianz consultants are available to help you implement your IAM initiative, just as they were in the IAM strategy and planning phase. At Trianz, we don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk as well.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Implement strict trust protocol. The desire for quick fixes can lead to a letting down of our guard. Having an airtight authorization plan will ensure only the right people are involved in troubleshooting sensitive software. Automating controls is one example of how to securely deal with access requests.
  • Protect your data at all costs. Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Putting in the effort to monitor users and entry points for suspicious activity is a must. As with authorization, there are automated security measures you can put into place here as well.
  • Password management is not to be taken lightly. Password protection tools are improving every year, so why are your employees still using pen and paper? How secure would your users feel if they knew you weren’t using the most advanced tools to protect them?
  • Outside hackers have nothing on your internal teams. Some of the biggest security breaches in our experience have come from those inside the organization abusing their privileged access. Our experts will show you how to identify them.
  • Understand your user personas. This includes HR, developers, business leaders, etc. When it comes time to implement, our consultants will help you make sure that all these personas have access that’s appropriate for their given role.

Again, with a sound strategy, you’re less likely to go wrong. Still, it takes the right level of experience, expertise, and resources to bring ideas to paper and paper to life. At Trianz, we’ve executed hundreds of IAM initiatives, the majority of which were based off of the strategies we helped create. Although we may be new to your organization, we’re no strangers to success.

To learn more about our approach to IAM implementation, and how specifically we can work with your organization, please contact us today.