Technology exists to help us go faster, so why does it often seem like it’s slowing us down?

Poor implementation, lack of employee enthusiasm, lack of customer acceptance, lack of support—though these all seem like they could be the root causes, they are actually  symptoms of the underlying issue: weak strategy.

Trianz consultants understand better than anyone that implementation without strategy is more harmful than helpful in terms of making your organization a more agile beast. That’s why our entire approach is based on a “think first, plan second, act last” methodology.
Here are four important things to keep in mind when it comes to Identity and Access Management Strategy:

  • Although IAM is important, it is not the tree itself. Rather, it is a branch of a greater, unifying strategy that connects your entire security approach: a single set of controlling policies that apply to all systems. Trianz can help you to ensure your IAM approach fits into your organization’s bigger security picture.
  • Give visibility to the complex. Today’s IAM landscape is extremely complex, with plenty of opportunity for things to go wrong. It’s just not possible to follow everything a user can access, not to mention what they do with said access, given the fact that one user may have dozens of different identities across many systems. That’s why it’s important to implement IAM in such a way that exposes not only identity but also authorization. This will allow you to see and resolve potential threats before they transform into actual danger.
  • Define the roadmap. Designing a useful and realistic roadmap starts first with describing in full detail the current state, including the business needs. The next step is defining the desired future state, which should shed light on the potential value that IAM brings to your organization. And the third step is filling in the middle pieces to ensure that future vision becomes a reality as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Don’t worry, we’ve got that middle part under control.
  • Take a progressive approach. You’re aware of how your business environment and the landscape of the market you serve have transformed over the last decade. There is no reason to believe that the next ten years will be any different. A good IAM strategy takes this reality into consideration and includes the ability to evolve and adapt as you go and grow.

Trianz is your partner through all phases of IAM strategy: assessing the past to understand the present to designing the future. We’ll work closely with your technology management and business leaders and make tenable recommendations for the sequence of projects needed to make your strategy a reality.

Whether you’re looking to implement a new IAM strategy or update an old one, we’ll know exactly where to step in and offer our insights. It’s what we do and have done successfully for more than a decade.

To get the ball rolling, contact one of our consultants today and tell them you’re ready to get serious about your IAM strategy.