At Trianz, we speak often and enthusiastically about best practices for cloud migration, particularly emphasizing the importance of strategy, automation, and speed. And while these may be fundamental to any successful migration, they are no more important than a certain other factor that can bring you ideal outcomes. We’re talking about cloud engineering.

Cloud engineering, or product engineering for the cloud, is an essential component of the pre-cloud migration process. Its purpose is to ensure that your applications and workloads are cloud-ready, which leads to greater agility for your enterprise.

What do cloud engineering services entail?

  • Cloud architecture
  • Software engineering
  • Systems and network engineering
  • Security

Whether deploying a public, private, or hybrid cloud, the main objective of these services is to maximize beneficial return while minimizing risk in cloud projects.

Where do Trianz consultants come in?

By leveraging our multidisciplinary teams’ vast technical and business experience, Trianz supports your organization’s cloud engineering efforts in the following ways:

  • In-depth analysis of your infrastructure and workloads
  • Detailed proposal for the ideal infrastructure and architecture in line with your business’ constraints and objectives
  • Help your cloud engineers to select the most appropriate container and security solutions for cloud deployment
  • Set up monitoring and management systems to ensure your cloud solution operates efficiently

The bottom line is you need a solid product engineering plan to tap into all the potential benefits of cloud. After all, it doesn’t matter how agile cloud is if your infrastructure can’t keep up with it anyway.

Our product engineering specialists will provide you with expert support throughout the development and deployment lifecycle. They will work hand-in-hand with your business and technical teams to develop a product strategy and roadmap that is guaranteed to bring you the best results.

Here are some more benefits of executing cloud engineering the right way:

  • Ensure new and existing products are capable of integrating with other enterprise systems and applications
  • Provide users with an intuitive interface
  • Enable your digital products to work across a wide range of platforms
  • Provide users with rapid access

In addition to product engineering support for your cloud migration initiative, our independent testing specialists are available to ensure the highest quality possible for your cloud-ready products.

Eager to get started? So are we! Contact a Trianz consultant today to learn more about how to get started.