Managed Services

Enterprises rely heavily on technology and supporting infrastructure to offer better solutions. With digital disruption and the adoption of cloud changing technology imperatives for enterprises radically, improving efficiency and the reliability of IT operations remains a key driving force for companies adopting this change. Additionally, enhanced security and compliance requirements along with cost savings are also critical elements for companies embracing 'Digital Transformation.' However, this transformation is also resulting in a highly sophisticated IT environment for organizations; one that needs skilled external professionals to manage specific technologies and platforms in the absence of in-house experts.

CIOs often find themselves spending more time in managing interdependencies between third party vendors, service partners and others, instead of engaging themselves in strategic projects that can fuel innovation and business growth for the organization. Enterprises need a proficient Managed Services Partner who offers the advantages of higher performance, reduced risk, and lower cost of operations. Trianz partners with organizations to manage their critical applications and infrastructure, improve resilience, and maximize business performance of IT operations.

With deep experience in the Infrastructure, Cloud, Analytics and Security spaces, we bring to the table the necessary technical know-how, experience, flexibility on diverse vendors, technology platforms, and geographies. Trianz’ Managed Services help you operate your technology environment effectively, and include:

  • Infrastructure Managed Services
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Application Managed Services
  • Analytics Managed Service
  • Managed Customer Experience Services

Technology delivery infrastructure

  • Tier-1 delivery centers located in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai -- Trianz provides a tier-1 experience to leading global clients on technology initiatives. Our infrastructure is audited by several Fortune 1000 clients
  • Equipped for global delivery -- Trianz boasts tier-1 delivery infrastructure. The 24x7 Application Command Centers and War Rooms at Trianz have dedicated and isolated networks
    • Client-specific secure work areas on need basis
    • Secure Operation Centers: ISO 9001, SSAE SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant
    • Redundant architecture with built-in BCP-DR capabilities
    • Trans-Atlantic and Pacific dedicated MPLS network connectivity
    • Redundant ISP with high speed connectivity with different routes to US (Singapore and UK) to decrease loss of productive effort
    • SLA-based services yielding predictable and consistent results