Trianz firmly believes that high-quality data holds the key to business success for any organization in any industry. Tracking critical technical and economic megatrends, and delivering meaningful business insights can drive business growth of any organization. At Trianz, we specialize in monitoring and analyzing such key data-driven digital trends for our clients.

We inspire business leaders to adopt game-changing digital disruptions and transform their enterprises into future-ready ones. We also partner with clients to offer new perspectives through our rigorous research processes at the right time. We constantly research industry and technology best practices, business models, processes, and issues that matter the most to an enterprise, as well as to myriad industry segments across different geographies.

Trianz provides relevant, focused, concise, unbiased, and actionable research insights and advice on digital transformations for organizational leaders across the globe.

We execute robust on-the-ground primary research in keeping with our stringent quality checks, and craft comprehensive research reports that enable our clients to roll out a clear ‘Digital Transformation’ strategy and execution roadmap. Our products and takeaways are based on independent primary research, data and facts. Trianz primarily provides Business Research, Technology Research, Syndicate, and Custom Research solutions that deliver unique, relevant, client-driven, client-centric, holistic, independent, fact-based, and vendor-neutral actionable advice.

Business research: Driving business research and delivering reports that address key pain points and business requirements of business leadership.

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief R&D Officer
  • Chief Recruitment Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Chief Communication Officer

Technology research: We deliver unique perspectives through our reports and research services on most disruptive technologies of the current era. We specialize in the infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital, security, and IoT technology domains.

Syndicated research: Articulates our findings that cover trends, forecast, maturity models, and preferences. Syndicated research portfolio of services includes surveys, perspective-oriented short reports, case studies, e-books with exhaustive coverage of a technology/ role/ industry / solution, and maturity assessments on new technologies, markets, new products, macroeconomic issues, innovations, etc.

Custom research: Execution of client-specified research on customizing existing report(s) to address client requirements, or on a newly commissioned report based on specific client requirements.