With enterprises embracing 'Digital Transformations' and changing their operating landscape fueled by digital technologies, the intent behind the change is to stay competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly changing market. But with limited to zero experience and the absence of a clear roadmap, methodologies, frameworks and a sound implementation strategy, businesses struggle to realize the returns on investments made on digital initiatives.

Trianz partners with clients to help solve their complex business- or technology-specific challenges and helps them unlock relevant growth opportunities, process optimization, and business protection. Combining the deep business insights and technology understanding that we have garnered over the years while working with Fortune 1000 and emerging companies, we mould our clients’ businesses to deliver maximum value to them. Trianz’ services range from operational strategy development, to deploying new, technology-driven capabilities, to helping clients adapt functions across the value chain, to syncing in with new business paradigms. Our Digital Business Strategy Services focus on issues related to digital transformation, competitive agility, business processes and operating models to help clients realize high results on their digital investments.

Our 'secret sauce' of translating strategic intent into measurable results is based on 16-plus years of partnerships and innovation with respected industry leaders. Trianz engages with clients to enable success on strategic initiatives through a differentiated execution approach. We enable businesses to efficiently orchestrate evolutionary strategies and rapidly evolve into leading digital enterprises. Our engagements are delivered through a seamless model that combines business expectations and technology experience, delivering superior value.

Range of services powered by research, knowledge and innovation:

  • Business function-specific infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digitalization strategies
  • Business case and Execution strategy development
  • Assessments, ROI and Roadmap development
  • Designing and implementing business transformation models
  • Designing and governing technology architectures
  • Infrastructure and application optimization
  • Digital Transformation adoption focusing on infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital and security technologies

Our unique value propositions:

Strategy to Execution: Break down overarching strategy into execution objectives.

Dynamic Execution Model: Initiate iterative and dynamic execution to address internal/ external changing environment.

Measurement Model: Employ business metrics to measure actual ROI.

Sustained Execution Leadership: Engage leadership into execution to maintain momentum.

Capability Adoption: Ensure successful adoption of capabilities across organizations.