Trianz’ Analytics as a Service (AaaS) program offers transformative “work smarter, not harder” business process services to help today’s ambitious organizations gain the most from intelligence-gathering analytics solutions from their data assets. Although providing analytics as a managed service is a relatively young phenomenon compared to customer service and tech support channels, for example, for several years Trianz has been in on this evolutionary next step in building, enhancing, and maintaining analytic business processes on behalf of our client partners.  Committing our talents and resources to build and deploy adept teams of data engineers, data scientists and analysts, Trianz can provide your organization all the competitive advantages that analytics business processes have to offer without the significant costs involved in supporting an in-house team.

Trianz has designed its AaaS to reflect a dynamic and scalable quantitative and qualitative model augmented with RPA and machine learning toolsets. Most organizations-even larger, Fortune 500 entities-benefit from outsourcing to business process organizations a number of analytics functions and low-level, repetitive tasks. In developing its AaaS capability, Trianz’ leaders had a much higher target in mind.  Our data analytics specialists create custom, managed service programs for our clients that foster both intelligent decision-making and positive growth strategies. 

Trianz’s Analytics practice leaders have built a talented team of professionals with acquired expertise in analytical business processes that concentrate on specific industries. Most industry sectors have nuances in analytic requirements requiring business processes that may work for one business sector, but not so well for another.  Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Finance, Transportation and Energy are all excellent examples, to name a few.  Pairing our staff expertise in these fields with clients in the same type of business, we help your organization reap the insights and business intelligence that can support real-time data and measure meaningful statistical information against your sales and operations goals.   

Core focus areas and associated business processes that make up Trianz’ Analytics as a Service offering includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Marketing Performance and Forecasting
  • Sales and Sales Productivity
  • Financial Performance and Forecasting
  • Data Monetization
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Customers and CRM
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Service and Operations Improvement
  • Workforce Productivity and Engagement