Facilitating successful app migrations to the Cloud

The rapid digitalization of products, operations and buyer experience has generated an unprecedented change in business ecosystems across industries and geographies. To compete with ‘born digital’ upstarts, industry incumbents are increasingly embracing digitalization. At the heart of this transformation are flexible and scalable cloud platforms that foster disruptive innovation and customer intimacy. Critical to this transformation is the migration of organizations’ existing portfolios to public, private and/or hybrid cloud environments from legacy platforms.

Trianz partners with you to provide app migration services and create a comprehensive business case through:

  • Cloud readiness analysis – Evaluate your organization’s readiness for digital transformation in general and app migration specifically. We also review reference architectures that deliver maximum cost and operational benefits, alongside making informed recommendations
  • Application portfolio assessment – Utilizing a structured framework, we map application architecture, security, and data governance requirements of an app to the reference architecture and cloud model
  • Assessment scorecard development – Using an iterative approach, we evaluate capture elements such as business needs, application lifecycle, application architecture, data models, data technologies, security, integration, and risks to create a scorecard detailing app migration priorities
  • Risk and compliance framework – We also create a risk and compliance framework to enable a secure and scalable cloud solution, providing you with benefits such as:
    • Faster deployments
    • Enhanced security and flexibility
    • Simplified infrastructure
    • Built-in status monitoring | Automatic backup and logging of key metrics
    • Improved cost management