App migration in a hybrid cloud environment

Modern day enterprises are increasingly making their way towards the public cloud. However, the primary challenge for these enterprise is determining the right approach for this migration, the sequence of the migration, and most importantly, the security of the migrated application. These, along with the fact that most of the applications are part of a large connected ecosystem, are leading to datasets being distributed between captive DCs and the public cloud.

To migrate apps successfully, Trianz’ app migration consultants have developed a structured framework that assesses critical factors and options, creates a sequential plan, and develops a migration roadmap. There are multiple migration approaches for an application -- lift and shift, rearchitecture or transform to fit the hybrid cloud environment, and so on. The migration approach needs to consider a set of parameters to determine cloud readiness, application release cycles, application platform and architecture, security, integration and risk.

Building Blocks

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  • Better IT Infrastructure versus legacy application platforms
  • Reduced costs and time to market
  • Increased speed, scalability and flexibility
  • Improved customer reach and intimacy
  • Better business agility and a boost to innovation

At Trianz, we bring to the table vast technical and business experience through our multidisciplinary teams which critically analyze the factors impacting migration success. Our holistic, big picture approach results in strategic initiatives often over delivering in terms of business results, even while meeting traditional project metrics. We not only help reduce the overall time involved, but also improve business productivity and efficiency.