Accelerating business growth through hybrid architectures-private cloud alignment

With the advent of virtualization, enterprises are moving towards private and hybrid cloud architecture solutions within their own data centers. While the private cloud aids faster provisioning and orchestration, the hybrid cloud helps alleviate concerns prevalent with the private cloud such as capacity planning and management of data center space. Cloud architecture patterns and blueprints are built based on very specific enterprise requirements, and enable IT to streamline operations and manage capacity effectively. Building such architectures and connecting private and public cloud environments requires defining patterns that align with private cloud implementation and provide a natural extension to the private cloud in terms of technology, platforms and processes.

Trianz’ Cloud Architecture Solution can help you combine private and hybrid implementations by:

  • Making the public cloud a natural extension of the private cloud
  • Defining enterprise business growth objectives and IT goals
  • DC Virtualization-- standards and blueprints
  • Crafting private cloud design and processes
  • Defining secure hybrid architecture(s) aligned with the private cloud design

And providing you with benefits such as:

  • Flexibility to explore new products and business models
  • Secure storage of sensitive data
  • Stability for services requiring extremely high degree of availability
  • Reduced latency in case of high-speed functions
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Faster business growth
  • Transferring investment to operations, and innovations