Defining a business-aligned cloud strategy

Continuous disruptive business innovation is the new norm in today’s business environment. With the proliferation of social, mobile and Big Data ecosystems, enterprises globally are facing the need for transformation of their technological landscape. To gain competitive advantage, speed up time-to-market, and improve profitability, it is no longer enough to add Cloud to the mix of IT solution. Instead, it is now imperative to think and act ‘Cloud First’.

Achieving a Cloud-first mindset, however, requires a comprehensive strategy and execution plan that spans all business units and IT organizations. Trianz, with its proven framework for cloud strategy and roadmap development, helps you develop a holistic cloud strategy and a comprehensive roadmap for cloud adoption that focuses on execution success.

Some of the key building blocks of this cloud strategy are:

  • Defining strategic objectives
  • Creating detailed technology roadmap
  • Recommending best-of-breed architecture
  • Creating a cloud council and execution roadmap
  • Gaining cross-functional and companywide buyin
  • Undertaking financial planning
  • Providing accurate cost estimation for solutions
  • Evaluating applications and processes for migration (as-is, replatforming, recoding)
  • Elucidating issues related to public cloud, and security, governance, risk and compliance

Providing you with benefits such as:

  • Secure, flexible and scalable solution
  • Cost reduction
  • Productivity improvements
  • Operations optimization
  • Cloud service provider agnostic and customized architecture