Helping Organizations Manage Critical Applications For Optimal Business Performance

The growing dependence of businesses on IT services has put the spotlight ononly highlighted the how important the uninterrupted provision ofance of maintaining business- critical applications is to their health and growth so that at any given point of time there is no interruption to the business. As a result, it has now become imperative for them to not only ensure their services are globally available, but also that adequate support is available in every necessary form; round the clock. Not surprisingly, enterprises around the world are spending up to three quarters of their IT budgets on maintaining core applications.

That saidHowever, the rapid pace ofly evolving technology landscape fuelled by digital disruption and the adoption of the cloud-first approach are transforming today’s technology landscape radically. This, in turn, is also resulting in a complex IT applications environment on hybrid cloud infrastructure. The foremost challenges associated with this complexity are:

  • Escalation in operational costs: If not properly monitored and reported, the financial costs of application service delivery may not be in line with forecasts.
  • Indispensability of legacy applications: Not all legacy applications can be archived or discarded. Many of them remain critical to the business.
  • Sidelining focus on core business initiatives: Businesses with strategic leadership realize much ahead of other organizations that concentrating on core strengths and objectives is as necessary as reducing costs and preventing unnecessary expenditure
  • Inability to drive up customer loyalty: Businesses must understand that making customer-centric, robust and reliable services available on demand is a sure fire way of boosting customer confidence and customer satisfaction

Building Blocks

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  • Support across 1 to n levels: Levels 1, 2 and 3 production support for packaged and custom applications in onsite-offshore model
  • SLA- and KPI-based delivery and measurement of processes
  • Better availability of applications and infrastructure
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Services delivery of highest order | Made possible by maintaining customers’ current and end-state app infrastructure (out-of-the-box or customized)

The experts at Trianz understand the criticality of facilitating uninterrupted and cost-effective service delivery in a business environment which is unrestricted by geography or time zones. And to that effect, we offer a range of support, maintenance and transformation solutions.

Our resources are well trained, globally available, highly experienced and professionally equipped with the skill sets needed to provide efficient support to your applications when you need it. We have the expertise to add new features to your existing applications to support your business processes, as well as modify existing ones to enhance your core competencies.

We understand the importance of legacy applications and the need to manage and maintain them. Securely managing application source codes, bug fixing, patching, managing releases and optimization of the applications' backbone in your enterprise form the crux of our application maintenance portfolio.

By adopting best practices, we have been able to deliver sizeable cost reductions and measurable ROI to our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business functions while we manage their mission-critical applications.