Execution matters in an environment of change and uncertainty

The gap between strategy and results is execution, and execution in the digital context is vastly different from traditional “implementations.” Companies are dealing with an environment of external uncertainty and high-velocity change. Internally, they are dealing with the need to maintain focus on business at hand while marshalling precious resources to drive transformation.

If prioritization of initiatives isn’t correct or if teams falter in their execution, the real price to pay is a lost window of opportunity, which may never present itself again. Getting things done right the first time has never been more important.

Digital compass one: A predictive methodology that assures results

Execution of digitalization initiatives is not just about technology implementation. Developed over several dozen engagements, Compass One is a service delivery methodology that helps clients leverage data, break down each initiative into well-prioritized phases, set KPI level outcome objectives and execute in an agile and iterative approach.

Compass One utilizes data-driven predictive delivery of KPIs, risk management, and governance models that have made Trianz #1 in client service delivery for four consecutive years.

Experienced teams — enabled by data and best practices for execution

Trianz brings teams that carry strong business and technology experience in your industry and role to partner with you. Our teams are trained in our Digital Compass 1 methodologies and approaches. They also have access to data related to the industry, digital KPIs, and best practices, which is critical to execution planning for clients with organizational, process, and technology complexity all the way up to the Fortune 100 tier.

Why we are rated #1 by our clients

We measure our value to clients across three dimensions:

  • business impact from the digital initiatives we partner on

  • predictability in execution during this time of uncertainty

  • the customer experience with us as their partner

For four consecutive years, Trianz has been rated #1 in all three dimensions. In 2019, 95% of our engagements were delivered on target and on time. Our Net Promoter Score—i.e., the % of clients willing to re-engage or refer us—is at 89%, and over 99% of our managed services engagements have been renewed.

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