How much longer will you keep spending more to “keep the lights on?”

Keeping the lights on has become a cliché, not to mention a permanent fixture in the operations and IT budget more than a doorknob. While the doorknob has become digitalized, IT leaders are unable to escape from the clutches of maintenance and support spending, which consumes more than 60% of their budget on an average.

The most successful companies in digital transformation, or “digital champions” as we call them, have done just this. As a result, their spending on new initiatives exceeds their spending on application support.

What is Transformative Application Management (TAM)?

Trianz engages with clients to first develop a strategy for transforming application management over a 2-3 year horizon that is mutually agreed on with the client. Our shared goal is to deliver the current levels of service at minimum while modernizing and transforming application management in order to reduce operating costs.

Towards the end of Year 1, clients begin to see a transition, a reduction of costs, and a freeing up of internal bandwidth to better engage with their business clients on modernization initiatives.

What we deliver: New lights for the new business

As a result of implementing the Transformative Application Management model, our clients reap the following benefits.

  • New support processes relying on automation to deliver higher velocity, throughput, and less reliance on manpower

  • Proactive and preventive measures that follow a “fix once, follow everywhere” model to continuously reduce support incidents. This results in cost reduction and higher user satisfaction.

  • Collapse of processes and proactive sunsetting of applications while preserving business IP. This results in a reduction of the number of applications managed.

  • An overall reduction in application management costs for you to invest in new initiatives

  • New UX/UI wherever possible, resulting in higher velocity, user productivity, and satisfaction

How are we able to do this?

Trianz brings a multitude of strategies, capabilities, and approaches to transform application management at scale. These include review of application architectures; AIOps, incident analyses to enable a “fix once,apply everywhere” model; refactoring and migrating applications to the cloud; renegotiating your software costs and new engineering models, such as CICD and SecDevOps; and automated support.

All this requires multi-disciplinary skills and leadership which is difficult to marshal under generally rigid “matrix” organizational models followed by legacy vendors.

When a company applies AI-aided automation to their workflows, the service desk becomes a sort of triage center. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can take over, prioritizing, categorizing, and resolving requests, allowing employees to fulfill their own requests without disruption to underlying systems.

Why won’t traditional or legacy vendors evolve?

Traditional vendors typically build up their service delivery and financial models on a time and material basis in implementations and managed services. Modernizing the application landscape, infrastructure, and support on a fixed price model directly conflicts with the time and material model.

As a change agent, Trianz believes in improving from the status quo in everything we do. Our strategic goal is to empower our clients to successfully transition into the digital age and to reduce expenditure on application management—with support being the #1 source of capital required. Over 60% of all implementation services and over 90% of our managed services are offered at a fixed fee rate.

Request a pilot run to see the power of Transformative Application Management (TAM)

Our proposal: Let’s have a conversation and develop a strategy for transitioning three major applications to the TAM model. We will work with you on a fixed fee basis to develop the strategy in three months or less, taking over these three applications and delivering services while modernizing the entire support model as described above.

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