Leverage the value of your existing data with unified, holistic data analytics.

Benefit from our services to build a new data analytics strategy

As the quantity of the data we generate grows, so does the need for in-depth analysis. Enterprises have a wealth of both, unstructured and structured data that they can tap into, and even more opportunities for predictive and proactive decision-making.

Data analytics strategy consulting will allow you to discover hidden correlations through the processing of both raw and packaged datasets. There is a range of applications for analytics, including:

  • Server and application performance monitoring for maintaining service delivery quality

  • Customer trend analysis, including customer satisfaction, seasonal sales forecasting, and predictive marketing

  • Risk management for sensitive workloads, such as medical reporting for HIPPA and financial credit reporting

These benefits, along with numerous others, are the reason why data analytics is a vital strategic partner for modern businesses. Our team can adapt a range of industry-leading data analytics platforms to suit your needs, so you can maintain maximum visibility and understanding going into the future.

Our expertise

Our data analytics strategy consulting experts are well-versed in data management best-practices, offering keen attention to detail so you can achieve your key business objectives.

During the assessment phase, we work closely with key stakeholders to understand your business requirements. We analyze your existing systems, applications, and stakeholder requirements, building a full understanding of the prerequisites needed to deliver your digital evolution.

From here, we will handpick and help you implement an advanced analytics strategy with tools from one of our numerous industry partners. In doing this, we strive to deliver meaningful results that drive long-term business growth.

Post-implementation support and guidance

Once your new data science strategy is fully operational, you may still need additional ongoing support and guidance to maximize its potential. You may need help integrating a new business application for ongoing analysis or workforce education to bridge skills shortage as part of your data and analytics strategy. With our managed data strategy consulting services, you get all of these, in addition to our ongoing support and expertise to help you stay ahead of the competition.

We offer a wide range of data analytics strategy services that are software and platform-agnostic, including but not limited to:

  • Customer 360 – Our data analytics strategy services help you to maintain a real-time, comprehensive overview of your customers, so you can proactively cater to their needs.

  • Data risk management – We work closely with you to identify sensitive datasets before developing a solution that segregates this information and restricts data access, minimizing risk.

  • Application integration – With data analytics, the objective is holistic, real-time analysis, and reporting of data. We can integrate your applications of choice, ensuring all your tools and infrastructure are centrally visible.

  • Frameworks for actionable business intelligence – With a comprehensive overview of your infrastructure, software, and customers, you have instant access to the insight needed to make the right decisions for your business.

Why partner with Trianz?

When it comes to enterprise technology, aspirations are high and expectations even higher. We have enabled our clients to achieve their vision, leveraging the power of industry-leading platforms and our certified industry professionals.

Our work doesn’t end with the action plan for your digital transformation. We closely monitor your changing business requirements during the implementation phase and suggest improvements where required to get the desired business outcomes.

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