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In a time of unprecedented challenges - we bring a data driven and jargon free approach that simplifies your evolution and renaissance.

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Crossing the
Digital Faultline
– by
Sri Manchala, CEO - Trianz

Learn the 10 rules followed by highly successful digital leaders.

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Who We Are

We are transforming digital transformations by leveraging platforms that accelerate, reduce human effort and deliver higher business impact.

We are a software and services company accelerating digital transformations at a range of companies from the Fortune 100 to emerging organizations across a large number of industries.


What We Do

We partner with clients from strategy to implementation and operations in their adoption and scaling of cloud, analytics & AI, digital experiences and cybersecurity capabilities


Our disruptive “IP Led Digital Transformation” Approach

Based on a 2019 global digital transformation study covering 5,000+ companies, we were among the first to predict challenges from AI, disruptive competition, a shortage of digital ready talent and economic uncertainties. To overcome these hurdles, we disrupted ourselves and built an “IP Led digital transformation” model

Since 2020, we have built state of the art platforms for the cloud, data, AI and digital experiences that radically accelerate digital transformations, help disrupt, need lesser human effort and deliver higher ROI. Dozens of companies are adopting the Trianz “IP Led Digital Transformation” model to reap these benefits.


We are transforming Digital Transformations

In 2019-20, Trianz conducted a global study on digital transformations, revealing three major challenges: the rapid pace of competition and AI advancements, the shortage of digital talent, and economic uncertainty. CEO Sri Manchala authored "Crossing the Digital Faultline" during Covid, synthesizing study findings.

Trianz leadership reinvented its entire value proposition with an "IP Led Digital Transformation" model, integrating proprietary and open source technology throughout transformation cycles to tackle industry challenges. This shift involved strategic investment in advanced platforms and engineering models for hybrid cloud adoption and leveraging data and AI capabilities.

Meet Our People

Central to Trianz's transformative vision are several key platforms and engineering models:

AWS AFQ Accelerator


A paradigm-shifting, zero-code and hyper-automated SaaS platform revolutionizing cloud migration, management, and optimization. Concierto, empowers seamless migration to leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, all orchestrated from a unified interface. Explore the future of cloud adoption at

Concierto cloud

Extrica Data to AI Platform

Embracing the concept of 'federated or distributed data,' Extrica heralds a new era of data accessibility and insights. This groundbreaking platform democratizes data access across organizational silos, delivering actionable BI and AI-powered insights through an intuitive user experience akin to Netflix. Explore



Anticipating the evolving nature of work, Pulse emerges as Trianz's disruptive digital workplace platform. Designed to accommodate distributed, mobile, and agile teams, Pulse redefines collaboration and productivity in the modern era. Experience the future of work at Pulse.


Blackbird Lightning Engineering and Automation Platform

Blackbird LEAP is a proprietary end to end engineering model that delivers application modernization, generative AI and custom data, analytics & AI solutions.

This bold reimagining of digital transformation has transcended industry norms, catalyzing unprecedented growth, success, and recognition since its inception in mid-2023. Some of Trianz IP was acquired by Amazon and we are now a premier level services and engineering partner of AWS. Trianz platforms are being adopted by dozens of customers and we are growing at double the industry pace.

At the forefront of this transformation are Trianz's visionary leaders, who have redefined the company's ethos, embracing risk-taking and disruptive innovation as guiding principles. By championing a culture of audacity and forward-thinking, Trianz has revolutionized its value proposition, propelling itself to the vanguard of digital transformation pioneers.

We are growing faster than the industry

Trianz is delivering for a range of companies from Fortune 100 companies to emerging organizations, faster, easier and with a higher ROI.

At a time when value propositions are unable to keep up with the pace of change, demands for clear ROI and cost effectiveness, the Trianz “IP Led Digital Transformation” model has caught the attention of global and emerging organizations, cloud hyperscalers and partners alike.

Acceleration of digital transformations with platforms, automation and AI is resulting in a record number of new clients and business growth for Trianz.

Our Diversity

Everyone is Welcome! Everyone is Equal. Since Day 1.

We have been committed to fostering, cultivating and growing a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion- since the day we were founded. And we are stronger because of it.

The collective sum of the individual perspectives, experiences, skills, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our associates bring is the source of our strength. Investment in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and company’s achievement as well.

We embrace and encourage our differences in gender, age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, language, national origin, physical ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and everything else that makes each of us unique.

We are Stronger- because we are Equal

Our Values:

We are a global firm with shared values

We work with clients in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Asia. Our talent comes from great universities and professional backgrounds. But we share a common set of values across our firm.

Customer Centricity

Everything we do is powered by the clear purpose of addressing present and future customer needs.

Disruptive Innovation

We imagine the future by embracing disruption and innovation at the forefront of technology, creating new possibilities.

Execution Excellence

We consistently deliver exceptional outcomes and professionalism while providing an exceptional experience for all stakeholders.

Trust & Empowerment

Trust forms the foundation of our relationships. We empower our people and partners, fostering mutual respect and collaboration.


“Ahead Together” is the motto of Trianz. We value individual talent and we believe in the power of teamwork to achieve beyond normal results.

Social Purpose

Recognizing our social purpose, we create value aimed at contributing to economic, social, and environmental efforts in the communities we serve in.

Join Us - Grow Faster

Trianz is poised to grow for the 5th year in a row- in double digits and faster than the industry

We are seeking talent that is smart and motivated but also carries the same work ethic and values that we do. We are seeking talent that is willing to work beyond its comfort zone, take risks and invent in the relentlessly challenging environment we see today. We are seeking the digital leaders of tomorrow.

We will provide you with the right opportunities and experiences that create impact for our clients and avenues for learning for you. We will invest in your formal learning and growth with an equally relentless passion and commitment.



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