Data by itself has no measurable business value unless we apply advanced analytics techniques, modern computer technologies, and domain expertise to yield profitable insights. At Trianz, we believe Data Science – the conversion of data into understandable and usable information – is a significant step forward in the evolution of business intelligence. Our firm offers data science consulting services that are empowering businesses and organizations like yours with advanced analytics and data science strategies to the extent of predicting their future.

By combining our business intelligence, data warehousing, and Big Data expertise with advanced analytical and statistical techniques, we provide meaningful added value to your analytics initiatives.

Our team of data science consultants can help you deploy and use best-in-class tools and technologies including Hadoop, MongoDB, Map-Reduce, Natural Language Processing (NLP), columnar databases, NoSQL, Cassandra, Pig, Hive, and Impala. As a result, you can convert enormous amounts of information into a variety of forms such as key-value pairs, documents, object notation, text, free-form language, and columnar data. These technologies, coupled with insights into business trends and changing customer preferences, competition, future earnings predictions based on past performance, current economic conditions, and similar factors can help optimize your decision making.

Our advanced analytics services and data science consulting partnerships focus on the following areas:

  • Predictive modeling
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Embedded analytics
  • Unstructured Data Management
  • Large data volumes
  • Complex data integration
  • Industry-specific research
  • Business processes analysis

Feel free to reach out to us and learn how our advanced analytics and data science consultants can help you improve your company’s progress and profitability.