Businesses often find it difficult to zero in on the correct allocation amount for investments in the yearly budget. Especially in things that can’t necessarily be quantified such as Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytical Assessment processes, Data Warehousing (DW), and Big Data strategies.

At Trianz, we specialize in resolving such situations; including debates between analysts and the executive management team regarding the effectiveness of existing approaches. Our Data Strategy and Analytics Assessment Service objectively analyzes your current strategies and investments to determine whether they are on the right track. Trianz’ data analytics assessment provides an impartial view of your internal operations by accurately measuring the impact of your BI, DW and/or Big Data investments. It also provides a comparative analysis by evaluating what competing firms are doing. The assessment includes a review of your firm’s:

  • Vision/Strategy
  • Governance
  • Organization
  • Business goals
  • Data
  • Technical architecture

When you partner with Trianz, you experience a host of advantages that help you gain a distinct competitive edge. Our data strategy and analytics roadmaps, coupled with our data strategy framework, realign your investment goals and priorities to create successful BI, DW and/or Big Data projects and infrastructures.

Our aim, in a nutshell, is to help you understand which components are going according to plan, what is impeding the expected return on investment, and how your practices compare to those organizations that are realizing their expected returns.