Deciphering the complex customer journey across channels

It’s a phenomenon -- the way digital technology and data is shifting the power balance from the seller to the buyer. In fact, consumers making purchase decisions based on information gathered from a growing number of channels is routine today. No wonder cross-channel analytics consulting services are all the rage.

At Trianz, we understand the nuances of why the purchase path is rarely linear. We understand that consumers may research via mobile, visit the product in person at a store, then re-engage online before actually purchasing an item. We understand that in B2B, there may be at least seven to 13 touches prior to a sales engagement.

Our marketing analytics consulting services specialize in improving the effectiveness of your marketing across all touch points. We do so by leveraging multichannel analytics to provide integrated, personalized messaging to prospects across all channels; to determine which channels are most effective; to keep buyers engaged by offering only the messaging they want to see.

Partnering with Trianz helps you improve your effectiveness at a granular level. The associated transformations include:

  • Better understanding of multiple-buyer journeys
  • Analytics-driven product and service design
  • Buyer journey-driven engagement
  • Channel-customer segment alignment
  • Cross-channel spend optimization
  • Channel profit optimization



Trianz’ cross-channel customer analytics services helps CSOs to:

  • Stay relevant in the digital economy by understanding evolving models and strategies in channel marketing
  • Follow an actionable roadmap to maximize reach and conversion with effective channel mix and strategies
  • Build a platform that captures and integrates data from CRM, marketing automation, social networks, and the website
  • Fine tune parameters, create reports, and enhance self-service capabilities on an ongoing basis by deploying leading-edge service analytics