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Millions of previously uninsured individuals and families in the US now have access to affordable healthcare and healthcare insurance, thanks to recent Medicare/Medicaid program expansions and passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Perceived as unattainable for many before 2014, this change has radically altered the healthcare sector in the US. Today, this sector is a hub of constant evolution and growth, propelled forward by leveraging data analytics and Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology capabilities which improve patient health while reducing overall costs.

Population health management and value-based reimbursement

Our Healthcare Analytics Consultants ensure our clients enjoy a competitive edge by constantly being at the forefront of the healthcare technology field. We continuously evaluate traditional models of healthcare delivery and focus on bettering them by developing out-of-the-box Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics initiatives. By providing a spectrum of services ranging from assessments, strategies, and roadmaps to solution design, development, and delivery, we help our clients transition to state-of-the-art solutions that optimally address the dynamic challenges of Population Health Management and Value-Based Reimbursement. Some key challenges our services address are:

  • Accurately measuring care delivery costs

  • Designing and adapting delivery system solutions targeting new objectives: Developing personalized health and wellness programs, successfully meeting financial needs of both providers and consumers, improving clinical outcomes, giving healthcare providers and payers the means to measure customer segments and gauge sentiment to improve customer satisfaction

  • Seamlessly collaborating with payers as preferred partners

  • Integrating clinical and claims data

Our Healthcare Analytics Consulting Services combine our best-in-class data management expertise and rich healthcare experience to help healthcare providers pre-empt, and manage, data integration/analytics concerns. The focus is always on enabling clients to adapt to more advanced and beneficial value-based reimbursement models, with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) being a big part of the solution.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

The exponential increase in EHR adoption is the foundation of the groundbreaking work we have been able to conduct in developing successful Accountable Care Organization (ACO) systems. Systems that consolidate and coordinate all the information on an individual patient who requires services from different providers. Often, all this data does not reside under one provider’s umbrella. Also, different providers use different information systems. We help our clients overcome this key challenge by leveraging a consolidated repository within a data structure capable of integrating a wide variety of data. Our Healthcare Analytics Services help improve healthcare delivery by:

  • Establishing more precise patient registries

  • Coordinating effectively between a care team and a patient to determine patient-provider attribution

  • Monitoring and measuring clinical and cost metrics, tracking specific outcomes, engaging in risk management outreach initiatives

  • Establishing and adhering to clinical practice guidelines, including patient engagement, communications, and education

  • Acquiring and integrating pertinent external clinical, demographic, socio-economic, and geographical data

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Our collaboration with Trianz has been exceptional with conspicuous benefits. The platform now effectively manages customer reference data, while addressing data accuracy and quality issues.


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