Sustainability and Scalability. Two attributes that businesses across the world are trying to achieve to ensure growth and a competitive edge. And in their attempts to do so, are seeking solution architect consultants who can help support their current requirements, while ensuring future expansion.

At Trianz, our vendor-neutral Architecture Planning team offers the entire gamut of solution architecture services, and some more. Not only do we design the most appropriate sustainable solution architecture for you; we also ensure that the end product is based on best practices in BI, DW and Big Data infrastructure design.

We start with a thorough review and understanding of your business goals. Only after we understand your objective(s) do we proceed to establishing the backbone of your BI or Big Data initiatives – a job that our solution architects carry out with painstaking minuteness. Especially since most industry sectors -- such as healthcare, finance, retail, and life sciences, for example -- share Big Data targets and goals among competing firms. However, each of these enterprises are often very different in terms of where they land on the Big Data evolution spectrum.

Trianz’ Architecture Planning team -- consisting of application solution architects, business solution architects, cloud solution architects, enterprise solution architects, and infrastructure solution architects -- offer a number of sustainable solution architecture options depending on where your enterprise sits on this scale. The aim is to customize the help you need to strengthen your BI and Big Data foundation, with services and products that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Needs Assessment to evaluate business requirements, future goals, existing tech/ data assets
  • Architecture and strategy documentation
  • Use case analysis and recommendations
  • Capacity planning analysis
  • Design development guidelines
  • Ongoing management, evaluation, and benchmarking tools