Microsoft SharePoint - the web-based collaborative platform - has been around since 2001. Developed by Microsoft, this service was initially designed to simplify document management and storage in the organization by digitalizing and distributing internal documentation between staff members. Today, the platform has evolved into a more comprehensive, collaborative service on Microsoft 365.

The modern Microsoft SharePoint is best described as a cloud-native intranet for an organization. Where the internet is a publicly accessible service, an intranet is locked down for use by a single organization and any third parties to which they give authorization. These intranet services can simplify the sharing of documentation and knowledge, promote collaboration between teams and drive employee engagement across your organization—all of which contribute to your bottom line.

Trianz experts have been working with SharePoint since its inception in on-prem infrastructure environments. We have witnessed its transformation from a dedicated, on-prem intranet and document management system (DMS) solution to a cloud-native (Microsoft Office 365) collaborative social network for organizations. This means that our experts are well-equipped to help you leverage this technology and take collaboration and knowledge-sharing across your business to new heights.

Benefits of SharePoint migration

Some organizations look to migrate their legacy on-prem SharePoint solutions to the Azure cloud platform while others might want to migrate from a non-Microsoft intranet and DMS solution, in order to leverage the additional benefits of the Azure cloud. Either way, our experts can simplify your digital evolution and execute a smooth migration to SharePoint.

There are many benefits for migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, including:

  • SaaS model SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, making it a Software-as-a-Service platform. This means that organizations can use an operating expenditure (OpEx) for this service, reducing capital expenditure (CapEx) on licenses and smooth out cash flow. As SharePoint is SaaS, you also benefit from rolling updates from Microsoft, ensuring that your intranet solution always has the latest security and performance bells and whistles.

  • Eliminate ITOM maintenance for SharePoint – An on-prem SharePoint solution comes with its downsides. A big one for IT teams is the IT operations management (ITOM) burden of running a SharePoint server on-prem. This can take up the valuable time of your engineers, leaving your team to douse fires rather than focusing on new developments.

    By migrating to SharePoint in the cloud, you can virtually eliminate the need for ITOM. Microsoft handles the backend server infrastructure for SharePoint, allowing you to focus on collaborating and sharing rather than administering servers.

  • Lower costs – Microsoft SharePoint is a SaaS platform, so it naturally benefits from the cost-saving elements of moving to the cloud. In addition to this, Microsoft also provides 1TB of storage free of charge with each SharePoint online subscription. This will reduce your OpEx on storage capacity, while simultaneously increasing your data storage capabilities.

SharePoint migration services from Trianz

Trianz is a leading SharePoint migration assessment and execution provider that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients to start leveraging cloud-native intranet services. We have a close partnership with Microsoft, operating as a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) as part of their CSP program. Our experts are fully certified to develop and manage industry-leading solutions on the Azure cloud platform.

We offer a range of SharePoint migration services, including:

  • On-prem to Azure SharePoint – Your on-prem SharePoint deployment can be easily lifted and shifted to the Azure cloud. We leverage the Azure-native SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) during migration, which migrates SharePoint on-prem document libraries and regular files to Azure.

    Our SharePoint migration experts can perform a full or partial migration of your on-prem SharePoint deployment. Some organizations may benefit from an incremental migration. SPMT will make a note of any files that have already been migrated, ensuring that duplicates are not transferred during the migration process. This will keep the cost of migration low and ensure the validity and integrity of your data once the migration is fully complete.

  • Third-party intranet solution to Azure SharePoint – Some organizations may not be using a Microsoft intranet solution, which can complicate the migration process. Thankfully, Microsoft acquired the Mover platform back in October 2019, allowing them to offer platform-native migration to SharePoint from third-party intranet solutions.

    For organizations with non-Microsoft intranet solutions, our experts can perform a full or partial migration to Azure using the Mover platform. This browser-based tool can perform bulk migrations and offers scheduling functionality if you want to execute an incremental migration.

Leverage Trianz’s SharePoint to Azure migration expertise with Trianz

SharePoint was a pioneering piece of intranet platform, created by Microsoft back in 2001. Now, with the introduction of the Microsoft Azure cloud, SharePoint is available as a cloud-native intranet solution, which promotes collaboration and teamwork across your organization and simplifies information-sharing, boosting your organization-wide knowledge and awareness.

What is the point in sharing the documents still through email, when SharePoint can reduce the email clutter and simplify document sharing? Get in touch with our experts to implement a SharePoint solution on the Azure cloud today!

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