Santa Clara, California, March 29, 2018 – Trianz, a global digital transformation consulting and technology services firm, has announced being ranked among the ‘Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies 2019’ by Analytics Insight, a leading media, branding and technology platform focused on featuring insights, trends, analyses, and opinions on data-driven technologies for the global analytics community.

A Stravium Intelligence brand, the monthly web magazine has recognized Trianz for its expertise in constantly empowering businesses with digital solutions, helping them achieve their business goals, and build a competitive advantage while transforming themselves into ‘digital entities.’ Trianz’ digital engagements leverage the expertise of its innovation teams to deliver best practices, novel approaches, and cost-effective solutions (often, proprietary IPs).

Other factors that have contributed significantly to Trianz being selected in the coveted list include its longstanding partnerships with global technology leaders, its ability to facilitate digital evolution by leveraging state-of-the-art disruptive technologies, its leadership’s dynamic approach towards client service, and the firm’s futuristic vision of the industry and its place in it.

Expressing their pleasure on the development, Co-Presidents at Trianz, Ganeshan Venkateshwaran and Rollen Roberson said, “It is an honor for us at Trianz to have been selected by Analytics Insight among the ‘Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies of 2019.’ It validates the efficacy of our approachable digital solutions and outcome‐focused execution that provide demonstrable long-term value and superior digital transformation results.”

“At Trianz, our endeavor is to enable enterprises unlock business value by instilling a digital mindset in them. Being named among the ‘Top 10 Digital Transformation Companies of 2019’ by Analytics Insight adds additional credibility to our ability to drive enterprise transformations through targeted data analytics endeavors,” Prashant Bhavaraju, Vice President – Marketing at Trianz, said in a statement.

Trianz has been engineering itself to focus on Digital Evolutions with the advent of the ‘Digital Age,’ with the firm seeing challenges and opportunities through businesses’ perspectives, and replacing consulting speak and complexity with simplicity and focus on results. The firm was nominated as a ‘Market Challenger’ in the ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business Transformation Quadrant 2019 Report, was the winner of the 2018 MSP 501 ‘Digital Innovator of the Year Award’ and the ‘Most Innovative Company of the Year’ at the 2018 American Business Awards.