Santa Clara, California, August 23, 2018 -- Trianz, a global digital transformation consulting and technology services firm, has garnered a mention in the ‘10 Fastest Growing Managed Services Providers to Watch in 2018’ list of The Technology Headlines, a leading US-based print and online publication focusing on technology evolution and industry trends.

The Technology Headlines editors collated information on how different technology companies globally have led the way in reinventing processes, business models, and technologies through managed services; and how these companies have created a loyal client-base, sound marketing strategies, and innovative products and services over the years.

The cover story of the issue, titled ‘Experience Efficiency Gains And Business Value With Trianz’ Managed Services,’ emphasizes Trianz’ focus on Digital Evolution, and its abilities that enable clients to transition to a digital enterprise. The publication selected Trianz based on the firm’s competency to help organizations’ leadership put results-oriented digital strategies in place and develop an informed future perspective.

“We are delighted to honor Trianz as the key player in the managed services industry,” Carlos Chavez, Editor-in-Chief of The Technology Headlines, said. “Trianz has been on our radar for quite a long time, and this year it became clear that enterprises of all sizes alike trust the company for its incredible innovations and services in the industry,” he added.

Expressing his delight on the recognition, Ganeshan Venkateshwaran, Head – Global Technology Services at Trianz, said, “We’re very pleased to have been endorsed for our efforts in the managed services space by The Technology Headlines. Our Managed Services Operational Models have always eliminated inefficiencies and avoided missed strategic opportunities for our clients and it is our constant endeavor to extend customized, ongoing managed service programs to our clients.”

“We specialize in empowering clients with digital solutions which help them achieve their business goals and build a competitive advantage. The ‘10 Fastest Growing Managed Services Providers 2018’ distinction further credits the efficacy of our Managed Services Program,” Prashant Bhavaraju, Vice President – Marketing at Trianz, said in a statement.

The digital edition of the cover story can be found here.

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