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Our Commitment to Education and Professional Development

Social, Digital, Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, Security, and other technologies are revolutionizing entire industries, business and longstanding models. It is expected that by 2020, one–third of industry leaders will be replaced by innovative companies around the world. The corollary effect of these revolutionary paradigms is talent and their careers. On the one hand, everything is exciting, fast paced, and dynamic. On the other hand, we cannot predict what the future looks like as these technologies converge and affect everything around us.

For these reasons, Training & Development – in our Client Service Model and in emerging business or technology paradigms – is one of the biggest areas of investment at Trianz. Our goal at Trianz is to therefore shape you into leaders in execution and prepare you to take up increasing responsibilities as you grow your experience. Client engagements will challenge you. Teammates will teach you. The ultimate driver of growth will be the pace you set for yourself. Here’s what you can expect:

In order to develop its talent and ensure that we create a continuous learning environment that enables our associates to ALWAYS be ahead of the curve, Trianz has invested in an enterprise–wide initiative under the umbrella “Trianz University.” In all Practices, Client Relationships, Technology Services and Corporate career tracks, Trianz University provides training and development to ALL associates in all things digital transformation.

In addition to past performance, acquisition of skills is an important career evaluation criterion throughout the firm. Each associate at Trianz is expected to develop the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in their roles at their level and in preparation for the next proficiency milestone. A combination of in–class and e–learning courses with evaluations and personalized dashboard lets our associates know where they are in their development and guides them in reaching the next level of development.

In the process, we set the tone for continuous learning and development, within a supportive culture that ensures our associates are staying ahead of the game with relevant skills, competencies and future earnings potential.

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