Every organization on the planet relies on software applications to operate effectively. In traditional on-prem infrastructure, such applications were typically installed on a client device where they frequently “communicate” with a hosted database on an organization’s servers. This created an administrative nightmare as every client device’s software had to be managed by the respective organization’s IT department.

Now, the cloud has largely negated the need for device-native applications as we move towards cloud-native web applications, which run on a service model called “Everything-as-a-Service.” It simply means that you get all the functionalities of the application with no IT Operations or Service Management (ITOM/ITSM) hassles.

At Trianz, our experts realize the immense potential of “as-a-Service” software. We have helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients reduce their capital expenditure (CapEx), improve IT service efficiency and minimize administrative overheads by implementing tailored as-a-Service solutions. In short, we help organizations to become leaner and more agile, resulting in a significant competitive advantage.

Business Applications as-a-Service benefits

Organizations already on the cloud are poised to start integrating “as-a-Service” solutions into their IT strategy while the ones which are still using on-prem infrastructure can also benefit from “as-a-Service,” however, they may miss out on the growing number of cloud-only benefits.

By implementing Business Applications as-a-Service, your organization will benefit from:

  • Reduced time to benefit – With any piece of software, key stakeholders will expect a return on investment (ROI) after a set period. Traditional software would have large upfront CapEx as you buy licenses and support packages from the vendor, and it could take months, or even years to recuperate this expense through efficiency improvements.

    Business Applications as-a-Service use an operating expense (OpEx) model with recurring monthly payments rather than a large upfront sum. This can smooth out cash flow for SMEs and reduce the amount of time needed to benefit from the software.

  • Seamless integration – As your software stack grows, it could usher in complexities. With multiple vendor relationships to take care of and numerous applications to monitor and maintain, the administrative burden can quickly start to outweigh the benefits.

    Thankfully, “as-a-Service” business applications can easily integrate with one another, greatly reducing the ITOM/ITSM burden for your IT department. Our Premier Partnership with ServiceNow allows organizations to integrate their numerous ISV applications seamlessly. We have also developed our own proprietary platform called Concierto.Cloud, which allows for integration between ISV applications as well as holistic management of multi-cloud networks.

Business Applications as-a-Service with Trianz

Trianz is a leading Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) assessment and implementation provider that has helped hundreds of our Fortune 500 clients. Our experts understand the immense potential of this service model and work to help organizations reap these benefits with a mix of industry knowledge, ISV tools and business acumen.

We offer a range of Business Application as-a-Service solutions, including:

  • Proof of Concept (PoC) – The first step is often the hardest, and this is also applicable when trying to get authorization for new IT software. Key stakeholders need to understand the benefits of implementing a new software application. Traditional software applications have an extended mean time to benefit (MTTB) and the delay can dissuade stakeholders from greenlighting projects, causing many high-potential developments to fall to the wayside.

    Unlike traditional applications, XaaS applications are instantly available for testing, which significantly reduces the time needed to generate a PoC for stakeholders. This will allow you to expedite IT projects by reducing the effort required to gain authorization. Our experts can help you build a business case for new XaaS software quickly, so your essential IT projects can get off the ground.

  • Business model consulting – The move to XaaS software represents a paradigm shift in enterprise IT, so it only makes sense that your business model will need to adapt to this shift. As-a-Service applications can be managed at the department level rather than enterprise level through your IT department. This means that department heads can control their XaaS software, without any input from IT engineers.

    We understand that new technologies require a shift in perception. Our experts can perform a full business assessment, identifying your readiness for XaaS. From here, we will help you develop and implement a new business model that enables you to maximize the potential of your XaaS applications.

XaaS with Trianz

As more organizations make a move to the cloud, the business case for XaaS will grow stronger. These service models are perfect for the cloud, leveraging cloud-native functionality and seamless integrations to streamline cloud ITSM and ITOM. Our experts can help you implement new XaaS solutions or upscale your existing business applications to leverage the XaaS model.

Thousands of businesses across the globe are already benefitting from XaaS solutions in the cloud. Get in touch with our team today and be a part of this new service paradigm.

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