Increased Productivity and Optimized Costs

In the digital age, it is vital to streamline operations for better productivity, easier oversight, and reduced costs. Efficient cloud hosting, monitoring, and orchestration requires fully automating tasks such as discovery, provisioning, monitoring, and optimizing complex infrastructure and processes.

Managed cloud services involve outsourcing the IT management of cloud-based services and support to automate and smoothen and enhance business operations. Key components of this include hosting, monitoring, and orchestration. Providing these services will significantly benefit any organization in several ways, such as:

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Greater scalability

Greater scalability


Cloud computing has revolutionized the way enterprises derive value from data. The elasticity of cloud technology solves workload challenges quickly and efficiently, from anywhere, and through any device.


Sharpen Your Operations

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Trust Trianz to Sharpen Your Operations by Automating Key Processes

With more than 100 satisfied clients, and managed service provider (MSP) accreditation on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, the Trianz team is an ideal partner to support your move to the cloud.

We provide a platform to seamlessly integrate with third-party and independent vendors and orchestrate the underlying IT infrastructure. As a partner with leading platform build-and-deploy vendors, Trianz has unlocked exponential business value to help clients succeed as detailed here.

Our Cloud Management Platform and Services

Over the past four years, Trianz has built an award-winning cloud management platform that helps clients orchestrate and manage complex hybrid cloud environments through one unified interface and a shared services team. In the process, we make your cloud operations highly cost-efficient, predictable, and reliable, by sharply reducing their dependence on manpower.

Concierto, Trianz’s In-House Cloud Managed Services Platform


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Our Service Offerings and Methodologies

Thanks to the Trianz team’s breadth and depth of experience in cloud management, we can partner with enterprises to offer a wide array of cutting-edge services.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

  • Transitioning from traditional servers and software

  • Leveraging the power of cloud computing

  • Software migration

  • Database migration

Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service

Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service

  • Expertise across Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

  • Implementing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) operating models

  • Reducing cloud management workloads through automation

  • Holistic multi-cloud management

Cloud Operations Management Model

Cloud Operations Management Model

  • Comprehensive cloud managed services

  • Complete support for ongoing operational management

  • Saving time and effort

  • Cloud strategy consulting

Cloud Analytics Consulting

Cloud Analytics Consulting

  • Partnered with numerous cloud-first analytics platforms

  • Analyzing and extracting insights to drive informed decision-making

  • Expert cloud strategy team for hands-on support

  • Integrating all cloud software and hardware into a unified analytics platform

  • Establishing a single source of truth (SSOT) to improve network visibility and data validity

Feel the Impact with Trianz as Your Cloud Management Partner

By partnering with a firm like Trianz, whose team is well-versed in cloud management and who will support you throughout the entire process, the impact on your organization will be very tangible.

  • Discover

    Our hosting services will optimize your infrastructure costs by enabling auto-discovery. Leverage our data-driven insights to transform your cloud infrastructure.

  • Monitor

    Efficient metrics and real time monitoring tools enable operational efficiency and promote a proactive approach to addressing pressing needs and challenges.

  • Optimize

    Effective orchestration and monitoring capabilities will help optimize costs and resources via greater flexibility and identifying dynamic resource usage patterns.

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