Why Should You Develop a Cloud Infrastructure Strategy?

Many organizations are struggling with frequent application outages, increased infrastructure costs, challenges with legacy infrastructure, and complex maintenance issues. Given these factors, as well as today’s economic reality and ever-increasing disruptive forces, it is even more important for organizations to develop an effective cloud infrastructure strategy.

A widely communicated, unambiguous, and crystal-clear cloud infrastructure strategy is crucial for an organization’s successful digital transformation.

Furthermore, if you put the right strategy in place, it will open up opportunities for data center consolidation, disaster recovery and business continuity, technology refresh, flexible licensing and subscriptions models, increased cost optimization, performance, and faster deployment timelines.

Why Should you Develop a Cloud Infrastructure Strategy

A cloud strategy defines the cloud’s role in an organization’s digital transformation journey. The fact that most organizations today lack a cloud strategy to ensure adaptability is quickly changing, due to COVID-19.

The Current State of Cloud & Evolution Path of Industries

The Current State of Cloud & Evolution Path of Industries

Source: Trasers

The Cloud is a Game-changer

Data from our report, “State of Digital Transformation Worldwide 2020,” tells us that while fewer than 25% of global companies recognize the disruptive power of cloud, more than 50% of “digital champions” believe the cloud helps disrupt their business model. In addition, 69% of companies consider having a cloud-based IT infrastructure to be a significant competitive advantage. Major benefits include operational efficiency through cost optimization and real-time accessibility of data.

What Are the Components of Cloud Infrastructure Strategy?

With more than 100 satisfied clients, and managed service provider (MSP/CSP accreditation on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Trianz is your ideal partner when moving to the cloud. Our range of cloud infrastructure strategy services include:

Migration Strategy for On Premise to Cloud

Migration Strategy for On Premise to Cloud

We will work with you on the cloud strategy and roadmap, hybrid cloud reference architecture, portfolio assessment, TCO, and security and risk frameworks.

Single Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Single/Multi/Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Our Trianz team will help you with your cloud strategy and roadmap, hybrid cloud reference architecture, portfolio assessment, TCO, and security and risk frameworks. We will also work with you on infrastructure monitoring, automation, and integration with ITSM tools and processes.

Cloud Infrastructure Security Strategy

Cloud Infrastructure Security Strategy

Our expert cloud infrastructure team will assist you with infrastructure governance (for example, identity management and business justifications), security controls for boundary defense, and compliance mandates.

Our Approach — and Yours

When formulating a cloud infrastructure strategy, IT leaders should focus their efforts on a step-by-step approach that can evolve along the same lines as the organization’s digital goals and assets. Such an approach will yield a comprehensive and insightful cloud infrastructure strategy that aligns perfectly with their organization’s transformational goals. And we can help you get there by drawing on our expertise to help you with:

  • Strategy and planning

  • Creating a cloud infrastructure roadmap to guide the deployment of cloud infrastructure capabilities in line with underlying application architecture

  • Developing a roadmap for end-to-end business and technology requirements for cloud capability, including high availability and disaster recovery needs

  • Delivering cloud computing strategy designed to align IT and business

  • Identifying workloads best suited for cloud computing, enabling you to achieve optimum benefits from cloud computing investments

  • Assessing your data center footprint, current security posture and regulatory compliance requirements

Assessing your current infrastructures spend (OpEx/CapEx) vs cloud TCO, and leveraging industry-proven frameworks

Our Approach:

The Trianz Cloud Migrations Rapid Deployment Model

Our Approach

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Framework and Methodology:

Portfolio Assessment Framework

Our Approach

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Trianz Factory Model(TFM) for Application Migration to cloud

Our Approach

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Trianz Cloud Intellectual Property:

Our Approach

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End-State Outcomes of Cloud Infra Strategy

If carried out systematically, your cloud infrastructure strategy will prove vital to the long-term success of engaging cloud services to support your company’s digital transformation initiatives. Your migration to cloud infrastructure will result in benefits including:

Process automation

Process automation, agility and speed to market


Elasticity, portability and repeatability, as well as faster deployments

Improved business experience

Improved business experience

Operations and cost efficiency

Operations and cost efficiency

Experience the Trianz Difference

Trianz enables digital transformations through effective strategies and excellence in execution. Collaborating with business and technology leaders, we help formulate and execute operational strategies to achieve intended business outcomes by bringing the best of consulting, technology experiences and execution models.

Powered by knowledge, research, and perspectives, we help clients transform their business ecosystems and achieve superior performance by leveraging infrastructure, cloud, analytics, digital and security paradigms.

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