Removing barriers to the cloud

As the march towards digitalization relentlessly continues, on-premises (“on-prem”) data centers are increasingly unable to match the value proposition offered by modern cloud platforms. For next-generation IT workloads, the value that the cloud offers is amplified even further.

The main hurdle that prevents most enterprises from moving to the cloud is the migration process - the larger the enterprise, the more complex it is. The game begins with the migration of ‘de-coupled’ infrastructure before graduating to the migration of data and applications, making it more and more complex.

Recognizing this complexity and its subsequent impact on businesses in the short term - and on their digital transformation - we are focused on helping clients master this challenging initiative.


Trianz data center infrastructure and platform migration services

Migration to the cloud begins with moving what can be called as ‘de-coupled’ infrastructure from on-prem data centers to public clouds, or private clouds in the case of very large, complex environments with many proprietary assets. We have migrated the following infrastructure and platform workloads.


Infrastructure Migration

Service Level Agreement

Storage Migration

Improved Reliability for Business

Server Migration

End Point Security

Networking Migration

Managed Services Implementation

Firewall and Security Migration

Platform Migration

Service Level Agreement

Database Migration

Improved Reliability for Business

O/S Migration

End Point Security

Development Tools Migration

Our approach for data center migrations to cloud

The larger the company in terms of products, services, business units, customers, and regions, the more diverse the infrastructure is likely to be. Previous acquisitions also help in propagating ‘variety and variability’ in the infrastructure layer.

For a sizeable IT operation, we take a four-step approach, and for each step in this approach Trianz uses Trasers data on cloud adoptions, pre-developed templates, analytical tools and IP, so that the process is data-driven and accelerated.


With Big Data comes, big responsibilities and challenges too! The fact of the matter is that a solid data architecture foundation, management, and governance is key to realized targeted outcomes and business success. It’s an investment worth making to not only ensure data quality and reliability, but meeting compliance requirements as well as improving decision making.

Here’s what is involved in each of the steps outlined above.

Data Governance Process

Migration Strategy

  • Workload Discovery and Cataloguing

  • Re-host vs. Re-platform Categorization

  • Financial Planning and ROI Analysis

  • Data Governance Standards

  • Platform Selection, Architecture and Design

  • Cloud Security Assessment

  • Migration Prioritization and Sequencing

Data Governance Standards


  • Server Migration Tooling and Automation

  • Database Migration and Data Replication Tooling

  • Data Management Governance

  • Storage Migration Tooling and Automation

  • Firewall Migration Tooling

Data Management Governance

Infrastructure Migration

  • Storage Migration

  • Networking Migration

  • Data Quality Governance

Data Quality Governance

Platform Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Development Tools Migration

  • O/S Migration

Data Quality Governance

Final Launch

  • User Migration

  • Testing of normal Infra management processes

  • Cutover

  • Parallel Runs

  • DR Testing

Trianz uses an ‘iterate, replicate and scale’ approach where each step is iterated until everything within that step works as expected in a client-specific environment. Once a string of steps is tested, we migrate a complete infrastructure set and replicate at scale. While it may appear that early iterations are not producing results, our experience shows that they help avoid mistakes and re-work, thereby accelerating the overall migration cycle time.

We carry competencies in all major cloud platforms

Whether you are migrating from an on-prem to a single public cloud or multi-cloud format, you can partner with us with the confidence that we carry close partnerships and competence in all the three major public cloud platforms.

We carry competencies in all major cloud platforms

A Tested and IP Driven Approach to Migrations

With over 500 Cloud infrastructure, platform, data and applications migrations under our belt, the Trianz approach is refined, tested, templatized and rapid. Over the last 5 years, we have built robust methodologies, tools, integrations and libraries of reusable IP.

Benefits of Shifting to Cloud

Achieve rapid business impact by migrating data centers to the cloud with Trianz

We bring a reputation and track record built upon practical and effective strategies, world-class experience, and excellence in execution. We promise you the following results in your data center migrations.

Data Governance Process

Replicate our success with other clients

  • Over 500 migrations under our belt

  • 93% client retention rate for continued services

  • Leverage a learning curve from our past - eliminate known mistakes

Data Governance Standards

Accelerate delivery with IP, automation and reusability

  • Templates for every step of the process

  • Reusable IP for migrations at scale

Data Management Governance

Know what you are going to spend

  • Utilize proven calculators spend based on AWS, Azure, and Google catalogs and prices

Data Management Governance

Optimize migration costs

  • Pay by workload - and not for headcount

  • Reduce costs with scale and repetitive reuse of IP and accelerators

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