As many enterprises look to take advantage of the cloud, an on-prem data center is increasingly unable to match the value proposition offered by modern cloud platforms. For performance-intensive IT workloads, this value is amplified even further.

The single hurdle that prevents most enterprises from moving to the cloud is the migration process. First, data needs to be transferred to the new platform while preserving its integrity and validity. Next, enterprise applications need to be redeveloped and optimized for this new environment. Finally, your IT department needs to understand how to configure and maintain your cloud network in the long-term.

This is by no means an exhaustive timeline, but you can see how complex a migration can become, especially for larger enterprises. Recognizing this complexity and its subsequent impact on businesses, we designed our services around mastering this challenging initiative.

Our data center and infrastructure migration services can simplify your digital evolution. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to execute your infrastructure migration, so you can start leveraging the power of the cloud sooner than later.

Data center and infrastructure migration benefits

By moving your data center or other infrastructure to the cloud, you will enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Reduced hardware and maintenance costs - The public cloud is built with efficiency in mind. Hosting providers maximize the utilization of their server hardware by pooling computing resources and for this reason, cloud data centers offer excellent value for money.

    Our experts are well-versed across numerous cloud-hosting platforms. If you are looking to store massive amount of data in the cloud, we can help you decide on the optimal solution for your business needs. Through our partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure, we have helped hundreds of our clients migrate from their aging on-prem infrastructure deployments.

  • Scalable, flexible computing – An on-prem data center has one fatal flaw - it can’t expand without a significant upfront hardware investment. You could make do with your existing data center, but there are chances of you running the risk of business growth outpacing your server capacity. The cloud was designed to be elastic. Enterprises can scale their resource availability up and down, depending on demand. This flexibility allows you to grow your business without worrying about technological constraints.

Trianz data center and infrastructure migration services

By moving to the cloud, you can take advantage of the latest architectural improvements and the lower operating costs.

To realize these benefits, we offer a wide range of data center and infrastructure migration services:

  • Blueprinting and application portfolios – When migrating your data center, it can be challenging to find where to start. You need to understand the source environment and the target environment, so you can effectively plan the initial migration. The applications you are planning to move will have dependencies and enumerating those from the outset can simplify configuration once you are in the cloud.

    Our migration services take these points into consideration, thoroughly planning your migration from the outset. We will analyze your databases, applications and server infrastructure to determine which cloud platform will best suit your needs.

  • Business continuity and monitoring – While undergoing a migration, the business can’t sleep - your services still need to be operating and once the migration is complete, they need to stay operational through the close monitoring of your new infrastructure. Our experts understand the importance of business continuity and plan migrations for our clients with uptime as a priority

Orchestrating the transformation with Trianz

We orchestrate your digital evolution using effective strategies and excellence in execution. By collaborating with the key business stakeholders, we can plan and develop industry-leading solutions designed to help you achieve key business objectives. Through a combination of expert consulting, technological prowess and tried-and-tested execution models, we have helped numerous Fortune 1000 companies in leveraging the power of the cloud.

Our experts can help you realize your corporate vision. Book a consultation with us today!

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Our collaboration with Trianz has been a learning experience for us primarily in terms of accurately identifying short-term tactical wins and long-term strategic objectives. Trianz has delivered the required transformation successfully.

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Partnering with Trianz has been very fruitful for us. The team took care of everything – from establishing a roadmap to structuring a ROI model.


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Partnering with Trianz proved to be beneficial for us in every way – right from achieving and tracking day-to-day deliverables, to complying with industry best practices.

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